When I was brainstorming with amandaghassaei on things that could be laser cut or 3D printed, I thought it would be fun to do checkers.  I mean, they are just circles, so how hard can it be?  Then I remembered checkers are double sided.  I thought I would have to give up on this idea until I found out how accurate the laser cutters are.  And so my adventures with checkers began :)

After making these I realized I didn't have a checker board!  So I made on.  Check it out here!

I made this at Techshop in SF!

Step 1: Design and Prepare for Cutting

It is time to design your checkers.  
  • Decide on your size (I found most checkers are 1 1/4 inch in diameter so that is what I went with)
  • Decide on two designs (front and back) that can be alternated (one will be mostly bold engraving while the other will be just engraved lines to differentiate).
  • If you want all the checkers the same make sure you have different stains for each team.
  • Once you have your design, make one document with all of the regular side of the checkers.  Line them up as shown in Photo 2.
  • Make a new document and line up your kings as shown in Photo 3.
  • Now you are ready to laser cut your checkers!
<p>These look great! What is your technique for lining up the two sides? I have a hard time getting things to line up perfectly. </p>
<p>I just tried to make sure my designs lined up in the document I made. I think they were best lined up in the corner and maybe got off the tiniest bit as it went out and got further from the start point. </p><p>One way to do this that I didn't think of at the time (I was very new to laser cutters) is to etch one side, cut them out, then flip them over in the board (so the holes hold them in place) and then etch the other side.</p><p>My way worked for me, but etching, cutting, etching again might be the best way to do it.</p>
I wish I had a laser cutter right now. These are gorgeous!
Thanks! Yeah, actually owning my own laser cutter is my goal!
Those are fantastic! I love them. Where do I place my order.....
But it is so easy to make them yourself ;)
lol... not when the closest TechShop is a 2 day drive from me... ;-(
i hear you! <br>the nearest TechShop is on the other side of the world from me.. ;-( <br> <br>They do have laser cutters here, but usually in advertising companies that makes stickers, neon boxes, and billboards... and they charge per item, i've done some stuff with them for leather tags.. <br>I'd &quot;guesstimate&quot; they'll charge about 1$ for each checker here.. :( <br> <br> <br>Oh TechShop... I wish you were here.. <br>I'd volunteer to run the place if you want to open a branch here!!! <br>I'd have lots of fun and make so many instructables.. <br>:p
*ahem*... Where's the Instructable for laser cut leather tags? :P <br> <br>If they open a TechShop here, I figure I'll get a night job as a &quot;security guard&quot; (hey, someone has to &quot;watch&quot; the equipment). :-)
i couldn't make the instructable because i didn't do it.. i only gave the logo from a client and pieces of leather to this company and they did the rest.. <br>no fun at all, i tell you!! :)<br><br>oh.. security guard is a better idea.. i might go with that one too.. :)<br>Is there an instructable for &quot;How to get a security guard job at TechStore&quot; ?<br>:-)<br>
Well, something can probably be worked out :)
Which kind of tape did you use? <br>Something like paper tape? http://www.theaerodyne.com/images/tesa_4651_38mm_telato.jpg <br> <br>thankx in advance, <br>
I was told it was like blue painters tape, but in a larger form, it came on a huge roll :)
Seriously these turned out 100% more awesome than I thought checkers could be. :D
Thank you! I usually find checkers boring, but now I just want to play all of the time!

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