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Introduction: Laser Cut Wolverine Claws

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Create a set of harmless claws for the perfect costume accessory.

1/8" Acrylic
Super Glue
Chrome Spray Paint

Laser Cutter
(Full Spectrum Laser - Hobby Laser)

Step 1: Cut

Cut your files out with a laser cutter. Engrave the blue lines and cut on the red lines.

Included are the "Small" and "Full" files.
The "Full" file will make a full sized set of claws, while the "Small" file will make a smaller, childrens set.
Each file will make ONE set of claws, so for a pair of claws, you will need to print the file twice.

Step 2: Glue

Glue the center brace along the engraved line. Add glue to all four sides of the brace and center the claw on the line. Hold it in place until it is secure. Do the same with the second bar.

Step 3: Glue Some More

Once the center support is dry, add glue to the edge of the support brace. Slide the outer claw into place. Before the glue is fully set, be sure that the claw is parallel to the first one. Set it aside to dry.

Step 4: Repeat!

Add glue to the remaining end of the support brace. Position the last claw so that it is even and parallel to the previous two.

Step 5: Paint

Once the glue is set and all the pieces are dry, take the claws out to a well ventilated area and coat it with 2-3 layers of spray paint. Give the paint proper time to dry between coats. Optionally, you can add a glossy clear coat to protect the paint from wear and damage.

Step 6: Done

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how do we get these files to work with Easel for my x-carve?

do you do the same thing with medal for making them actrual blades?

That will seriously hurt someone if they swing it and it hit anything. The back part will dig into the top of the hand bad! It's a toy, so some kid (not understanding what will happen) will use it like that and get hurt....

2 replies

Not really a toy, more of a cosplay accessory. If you think this is too dangerous for your kid, then don't give it to them. Pretty simple.

At that point, I think it's a parental concern. If you don't think a kid can be responsible, don't make them. Regardless acrylic is very flimsy and breakable. If you put any real force to it, it will easily break. I laser cut a pair of these and the laser melts and rounds of the acrylic very well. It's not sharp, so imagining a child to have the force to dig in and cause any damage is really astounding.

great Structable.... my lad would love these.
I see the the PC cotton wool suit crew have a negative view- why are these people even on this site?

Nice! I love that you have them in different sizes.

yeah amazing what that paint can do

that's gonna hurt if you actually try to swing at something

Nice job. They look great. Would love to see a pic on the hand.

Yes same here i was too was very astonished when i watched video and saw acrylic.