Picture of Laser Cut Wooden Chevron Earrings
These real wood chevron earrings were designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut out of thin wood veneers on a laser cutter in my shop.  They are finished with brass hardware and can be customized during assembly to take on a variety of styles, shapes and designs.  

Use the included vector file in step 2, modify it for your own tastes, or design your own real wood earrings and simply use this Instructable as inspiration and one possible workflow. 

These earrings are completely natural and are finished with a food-safe, satin gel varnish.
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Step 1: Laminate Wood Veneers

Picture of Laminate Wood Veneers
Acquire wood veneers in varieties of your choosing.  Macbeath Hardwood in Berkeley sells a wide range of 1 sq. ft. veneers very cheaply at the front desk.  These small pieces of veneer are perfect for small projects like this when you don't want to spend money on a whole sheet.

There are many sources of veneer online and at other local plywood and lumber retailers.  The main thing to remember is to buy thin, paper-backed, or unbacked veneers.  Try to stay away from a phenolic backed veneer since it will show more of black line on it's edge.

Cut sheets in half using an exacto knife.  Spread a thin and even coat of wood glue on the back of the two piece of veneer.

Sandwich the veneer together, wood facing out, and clamp together for 1 hour between two pieces of plywood.

Finally, once the glue is dry, using a 180 grit and then 220 grit sand paper, sand the sheets of veneer smooth.  The layer of wood on the veneer is usually very thin - be careful not to sand too much.

Step 2: Design Earring

Picture of Design Earring
We decided to go with a very simple geometric design based upon a few chevron shapes linked together that hang beneath a pyramid   The shapes play off the negative space between them in forming the earring as the positive space from the wood parts themselves. 

The .eps below contains the vector file.  Feel free to modify the drawing to meet your own needs.
dutchgie2 years ago
Where can I find one off thes laser-cutters?
Almost thought this was a military rank insignia when skimming through. These are beautiful and would be easily re-made for a graduation ceremony.
This is crazy - I have a design almost identical to this drawn up. :D

Now I know how it'll look when it's done, ha!