When the first iPad came out, there was a very poor selection of iPad cases, especially nice ones, so I made my own.  It had a flap that cover the screen, and did a great job of protecting the iPad, but it was missing one critical thing, the handle.

Here's a super easy to make case for the iPad that incorporates a grab handle on the back.  I made it using a laser cutter, but you can also use the pattern and cut it out with a very sharp exacto knife and scissors.  

It was designed in Solidworks, from a CAD model of the iPad.  The pictures show it on an iPad 1, but it works just as well on the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

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Step 1: Materials

The Basics
- Piece of leather larger than the ipad by at least 0.75 inches all the way around.  Leather should be about 1/8in thick, and relatively stiff.  If using thin leather, you could always cut out 2 patterns, and glue them together using rubber cement.
- The pattern.
- A laser cutter/engraver.  (or a sharp exacto, knife and or scissors)

Laser cutters are expensive, but I built my first one using the open source design at Buildlog.net 2.x
If you're in Atlanta, Ga, you can come and use my laser cutter, which I make available to the craft and DIY community: http://www.engineerable.com/design/laser-cutter-engraver-rental/
Recreating from Scratch and making a Custom Logo
If you want to design it from scratch, or add a custom logo, you will need
- Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or other Vector design software.
- (Optional) Solidworks, or other CAD
<p>Nice! Really nice work there.</p>
Got a good source for leather? Possibly online too? <br>
I buy all my leather from a local Atlanta store, Tandy Leather. Don't know about any good online sources. Also it's tough to see what you're getting online, and the local store had better prices than what I saw online. Look around you first, because most cities have a leather supply store or craftsman.
<p>could you make another one with measurements for ipad mini . its for my pop </p>
recently been laser cutting leather and finding it hard to get rid of the burnt hair smell <br>any tips? or product recommendations? <br>cheers
That's an awesome design - love it!

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