Picture of Laser Cut Leather iPad Handle
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When the first iPad came out, there was a very poor selection of iPad cases, especially nice ones, so I made my own.  It had a flap that cover the screen, and did a great job of protecting the iPad, but it was missing one critical thing, the handle.

Here's a super easy to make case for the iPad that incorporates a grab handle on the back.  I made it using a laser cutter, but you can also use the pattern and cut it out with a very sharp exacto knife and scissors.  

It was designed in Solidworks, from a CAD model of the iPad.  The pictures show it on an iPad 1, but it works just as well on the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
laser cut ipad leather handle 23.jpg
The Basics
- Piece of leather larger than the ipad by at least 0.75 inches all the way around.  Leather should be about 1/8in thick, and relatively stiff.  If using thin leather, you could always cut out 2 patterns, and glue them together using rubber cement.
- The pattern.
- A laser cutter/engraver.  (or a sharp exacto, knife and or scissors)

Laser cutters are expensive, but I built my first one using the open source design at Buildlog.net 2.x
If you're in Atlanta, Ga, you can come and use my laser cutter, which I make available to the craft and DIY community: http://www.engineerable.com/design/laser-cutter-engraver-rental/
Recreating from Scratch and making a Custom Logo
If you want to design it from scratch, or add a custom logo, you will need
- Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or other Vector design software.
- (Optional) Solidworks, or other CAD
andy.knote7 months ago

Nice! Really nice work there.

Salmondog3 years ago
Got a good source for leather? Possibly online too?
engineerable (author)  Salmondog3 years ago
I buy all my leather from a local Atlanta store, Tandy Leather. Don't know about any good online sources. Also it's tough to see what you're getting online, and the local store had better prices than what I saw online. Look around you first, because most cities have a leather supply store or craftsman.

could you make another one with measurements for ipad mini . its for my pop

crispycat2 years ago
recently been laser cutting leather and finding it hard to get rid of the burnt hair smell
any tips? or product recommendations?
That's an awesome design - love it!