We're currently giving away an Epilog laser cutter in our Epilog Challenge! There's no limit to the amazing things that can be made on a laser cutter, and even though we've already got a ton of great projects on the site that use laser cutters, we're always thinking of new fun things to cut, etch, burn, and create. Check out the amazing laser cut projects on Instructables and get inspired.

Universal lamp shade polygon building kit style
One simple cut-out shape lets you build all sorts of different designer-looking lampshades! You can make dozens different geometric forms using various numbers of the cut-out shape made from paper or...
Pop-Up Pyramid style
How to make a pyramid pop out of a plain piece of paper.
Offline Commenting style
As someone who spends a lot of time engaging with people online, I often think about how great it would to extend online commenting out into the greater world. Now, you may be saying to yourself, "Wha...
Open Manufacturing - (How to Build 30 (SERB) Kits) style
Welcome to the first foray inside the oomlout.com factory. At oomlout we are focused on producing "delightfully fun open source products" this commitment to open source extends to our manufacturing pr...
Low-Cost Illuminated Signage for Todays Responsible Citizen style
Low-cost, illuminated signage for todays responsible citizen courtesy of the GRL and the Eyebeam OpenLab. This tutorial will explain the tools and processes we used to combine LED christmas lights, pl...
How to Make Anything (Using Acrylic and Machine Screws) style
Well maybe not anything, but what follows is an Instructable about how we at oomlout.com build everything we produce.It is a technique we call Interlocking T-Bolt Construction. It consists of a T-cuto...
[Thumb]nail portraits - (laser etch your fingernails) style
Throughout history there has been a hotly contested division between men of great importance. Rooted from a question pondered in their youth: beard - or mustache? Deeply concerned with their facial or...
Escher Print style
Make a physical Escher print by cutting different parts of a tessellation in different materials.
How to make a laser cut lamp style
I've been working with digital manufacturing start up Ponoko and we've been working on a few ideas of showcase products that can be easily made through our service (such as a wine rack and a spinning ...
8x4=2 (2 Tables from 1 sheet of plywood) style
Use a simple template to create 2 tables from a single sheet of 24mm ply or 1 table from a single sheet of 12mm ply. We use an early version of this table as work benches in our studio. We had them ...
Camouflaged Power-Source Liberator  style
A simple solution for powering up low-voltage DC devices in public spaces. When you plug this in, one of the plugs is powering an outlet on a decoy junction box and the other plug is providing a conti...
Laser Cut Gingerbread Bridge style
This year for Christmas I decided to build something out of gingerbread. I didn't want to build the typical gingerbread house so I decided to do a bridge of some sort. I saw the Oberbaum Bridge in B...
Laser-Cut Laptop Tattoo style
Make a sharp adhesive label to cover a logo on your laptop! There are lots of examples of awesome designs laser-etched directly into the tops of laptops. Here's one of the first instructables on the t...
How to make laser-cut jewelry for Valentine's Day style
This Instructable shows you how to make some personalized laser cut jewelery using Ponoko - maybe for your Valentine ;) . If you've never worked with a laser-cutter or have only used a vector art pack...
Laser Cut Cake!!! style
In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a multi-layer cake using CAD and rapid manufacturing.(I personally get a huge kick out of mixing heavy machinery with cake baking.)One of the coo...
My Keyboard My Hands style
I used the brand new Epilog laser cutter that Instructables recently got to laser etch an image of my hands onto my laptop keyboard...permanently. Now that's voiding your warranty in DIY style!I've l...
Laser Cut Spray Paint Stencils style
A laser cutter can conveniently be used to directly cut stencils in masking tape or pretty much any tape. This tape can then be stuck to your surface, spray painted, and removed. I used this stencil...
Laser Cut Magnetic Poetry style
Here is a brief overview on how to use scrap magnet sheeting, a laser cutter and Corel draw to make magnetic poetry. Magnet sheeting may be made of PVC and cutting it in this manner may produce smal...
How to Cut Meat - LASER STYLE! style
There's a trick to get this to work - so here's how to cut meat and be ready for the tasty animals convention :)
Laser Cut Stencil Letters style
This is a simple set of instructions for anyone with access to a laser cutter on how to use a vector-based graphics program to alter text in such a way as to make it laser-cut friendly.I've been worki...