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Introduction: Laser Cutter

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This is a powerful laser that can light matches and  pop balloons

Step 1: What You Need

- optical Drive
- a pen flashlight
- a saudering iron

Step 2: Step 1

Getting the Burner out of the optical drive
I am using a laptops'  optical drive
first you will need to remove all the screws to get the burner out

Step 3: Step 2

once you have the burner out you you will need to add longer terminals to the ends of the shorter ones with the saudering iron

Step 4: Step 3

now you will need to un-saudder the led and saudder the terminals of the burner in the place of the old led

Step 5: Finished

now you just  put it all together and now you have a laser that can pop balloons and start matches on fire

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This is a tweak of  kipkays "laser flashlight hack"



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    nice and simple SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Smitty? Sauddering is how he Americans say soldering, it's the accent, makes it hard to understand, also, it's not a "burner" it's a laser diode.

    Im just working on a cnc-foam-cutter and want to know more about your lasercutter. What do you think, how powerfull is this lasercutter? May it be hot enough to melt white styrofoam (fast)? (the project this question belongs to:

    2 replies

    If you want a hotter laser you can use one from a Blu Ray Recorder. They can also be purchased online for fairly inexpensive.

    sory but no this wouldnt be able to cut styrofoam fast if at all
    because this is only about 650-700 milliwatts
    laser cutters have about 150 watts
    150 watts is over 150 times greater than 700 milliwatts


    Can you find the CD burner in any optical drive

    1 reply

    Will this light a cigarette? Not that I'm condoning tobacco use, just curious.

    Minor nit:
    saudering should be soldering

    How did you fit the drice laser into the pointer casing? Isn't it too big?

    And can we see it in action, maybe a video?

    (Oh, and it's not "saudder", it's "solder".)

    3 replies

    I thought saudder was kind of cute. If you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have either. Least they didn't say sodder which some places is rather offensive :)

    Pronunciation isn't the issue, language is - anybody reading this project through translation software would be utterly confused.

    Udderly? heh Us English speakers have to have some advantage.

    Yes a discussion on proper current limiting driving the device might be appropriate considering the topic. Some laser diodes have a nasty habit of destroying themselves in a variety of ways unless they are powered correctly. Depending on the nature of the damage they can still appear to work too, but they are actually damaged. Seeing the little blue mystery component below the laser diode in step 3 caused me to do some reading just now on the topic. It could be a photodiode that was used in a feedback loop in the original installation to control current. But based on information I have I don't know.

    Eye safety. Holes burned in the retina can happen in an instant. The loss of vision is forever and there is no turning back.. For your sake and for the safety of others nearby, please use a lot of caution if you do this hack.

    you missed a step showing the soldered component in place. and another showing that the laser actually works in the toolchain flashlight.