Introduction: Laser Cutter- CUTTING Bumblebee

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Every kid want to a fun toy-Bumblebee is definitely the best choice!

Step 1: Required Items

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Material:3mm plywood

Laser head:standerd head

Thunder laser used: Machine:Nova35 80watt

Step 2: Setting Parameters:

Picture of Setting Parameters:

Processing Mode:Cutting


Cutting power:55%

You can draw on CorelDraw and then click on the laser plug-in to switch to the laser software. Set the appropriate parameters on the laser software and click Download to transfer the design to your machine.

Step 3: Start Cutting

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Place the plywood on the work table of the machine, move the laser head to the proper position, adjust the focal length, press the “Origin” on the LCD control panel to set the starting position, and then press the “Start” to start the work.

Step 4: Assemble

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When the machine is finished, take out the parts of Darth Vader Fighters and put them aside

Step 5: Finished the ​bumblebee

Picture of Finished the ​bumblebee

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seamster (author)2017-11-14

This is beautiful! Did you design it? It would be cool if you uploaded the cut files to share with anyone that might want to duplicate it. Just a tip! :)

Yes,I have,I will and thanks for your advice.

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