Once again Instructables is teaming up with Epilog for our 2nd Annual Epilog Challenge to give away a Zing laser cutter!

All you have to do for this contest is post the most awesome Instructable between November 8th, 2010, and January 2nd, 2011.  Runners-up will win a gift certificate for Ponoko's custom laser-cutting services.

There are no limits to what you can create on a laser cutter.  Check out these amazing laser cut projects posted on Instructables and get inspired! 
Laser-Cut Wedding Dress and Vest style
Hello, everyone. Thanks for all the kudos and clicks from all the blogs out there that are linking here. This instructable shows off the laser-cut wedding dress I designed and made. I wanted to tell t...
Crazy Numbers Clock style
This wacky numbers clock is what I chose to make for the gift exchange.  I followed the methods laid out in fungus amungus's instructions in Make a Cut-Out Valentine's Day Card to lay out the number...
Personal Applause Sign style
For the longest time, people have been neglecting to applaud my myriad accomplishments. I could not abide by this and henceforth set out to resolve this issue. The solution wasn't immediately obvious,...
Colorful Rice Coasters style
I was inspired by these colorful rice creations to make my own colorful rice coasters.  There are endless crafts to make with this colorful rice.  Dana uses vinyl fabric to make her crafts and I decid...
Algebra Tiles style
Algebra Tiles are a new way of teaching algebra to students who are just beginning to learn the basic concepts. This instructable will show you how to use an Epilog laser cutter to make a set of the ...
LED Bead Jig style
Use this jig to make sew-able surface mount LED beads to illuminate your clothing, accessories, etc!!  With this jig you can make 55 LED beads really fast! I started making my own LED beads a couple ...
8x4=2 (2 Tables from 1 sheet of plywood) style
Use a simple template to create 2 tables from a single sheet of 24mm ply or 1 table from a single sheet of 12mm ply. We use an early version of this table as work benches in our studio. We had them ...
Name Puzzle - Laser Cut style
This is a great personalized present for a little one in your life. It is colorful, educational and very personal. Easy to layout, construct and paint. Laser cutting ensures a perfect fit every time.
Pure Decadence - Laser Etched Chocolate Bar style
after seeing the Laser Etched Powerbook project i got to thinking - i don't use a mac, and isn't there something a bit more temporal i could do? we were breaking out the saturday night munchies and i...
Laser Etched Drinking Glasses style
A while ago I laser etched my face onto a set of drinking glasses in hopes of weirding out my new roommates. They didn't seem to notice. Or, at least, if they did notice, they never said anything. Any...
Laser Cut Gingerbread Bridge style
This year for Christmas I decided to build something out of gingerbread. I didn't want to build the typical gingerbread house so I decided to do a bridge of some sort. I saw the Oberbaum Bridge in B...
How to make laser-cut jewelry for Valentine's Day style
This Instructable shows you how to make some personalized laser cut jewelery using Ponoko - maybe for your Valentine ;) . If you've never worked with a laser-cutter or have only used a vector art pack...
Ninja vs. Zombie Shadow Cast style
A few weeks ago I saw a laser cut zombie shadow cast in the Makers Market and thought to myself that it was okay, but it was missing a certain something. What could it be? Was it source files perhaps?...
laser engraved - hand painted custom OUIJA board style
this is my laser cut, laser etched & hand painted custom OUIJA board.
Laser Cut Cake!!! style
In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a multi-layer cake using CAD and rapid manufacturing.(I personally get a huge kick out of mixing heavy machinery with cake baking.)One of the coo...
Laser Cut Stencil Letters style
This is a simple set of instructions for anyone with access to a laser cutter on how to use a vector-based graphics program to alter text in such a way as to make it laser-cut friendly.I've been worki...
How to Use a Laser Cutter style
The laser cutter is one of the most useful tools in a modern shop. Laser cutters work by directing a very powerful laser beam, at a precise focal length, onto a material which they either cut or etch...