My first go at Techshop! I can’t believe I have lived in Pittsburgh this long and never chanced upon it!

Well, its a simple go, but it has a concept behind it.

Its all about using both sides of a material. Kinda like Kandinsky’s stick but not contrasting and certainly not as beautiful. Not to mention the material is see-through… Add these ideas to the golden mean proportion and you got endless ways to create line art.

My thoughts were to use the same vector squiggle I made on each side of the plexiglass - but at a different position on each side. Since acrylic is transparent and behaves as such, my hope was I would find an interesting 3D-kinda effect, as you look through from the front etching to the back…..

I did the sketch in Illustrator, as we all do, making sure the line thickness was above 2 pixels so there is enough line to give texture but not too much to get in the way of the other side….

Step 1: Tools & Software Used

Optix Acrylic Sheet (11' x 14' x .093')
Laser Cutter Trotec machine
Adobe Illustrator CC (though I saved it out as a CS3 Illustrator file, just in case)

I made this at Techshop
That's really cool! It looks a bit like a surrealist palette meets the Scream mask. :D

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