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Inspiring laser projects at TechShop!
Laser cut a simple Christmas ornament! style
Hello! Before I get started, I should emphasize: this Instructable should be really, really easy, provided you have a laser cutter. Without one of those nifty devices, I would have labored hours to cr...
How To Make Custom Etched Glasses style
The other day I learned how to use a sand blaster and you know how when you learn a new skill your mind explodes with possible uses.  That happens to me and sometimes I get so many random ideas bounci...
Cutting Christmas Ornaments With An Epilog Helix style
I made it at TechShop. As a novice user of the Epilog Helix Laser Engraver and Cutter, I decided to cut out some relatively simple stars and circles which will be used in a local elementary school fo...
Laser engraved cork coasters style
I made it at TechShop ( This project was done on Epilog Helix 45W CO2 laser. The laser is capable of cutting and engraving designs up to 24"x18". Since this was my first experience...
A nearly invisible Tyrannosaurus Rex made on a laser cutter style
I made this clear acrylic T-rex at TechShop San Francisco on a 60 Watt Epilog Laser Cutter.  TechShop is this awesome place (only available in select cities) where you pay a monthly fee to get access ...
Laser Cut Acrylic TARDIS style
I'm a big Doctor Who fan and I've always wanted to own a TARDIS.  My maker skills aren't good enough to build a real one or a large scale model so instead I decided to settle for making a small TARDIS...
Assemble a Super Mario Brothers Coin Block Lamp style
UPDATE: A number of steps have changed, since we've started getting professionally produced circuit boards and screen-printing the design on the insides of the box. All the old photos are still here f...
Desktop Lamp simple. style
I created this desktop lamp because I was inspired by another one I saw on Instructables but wanted something a bit simpler in style and creation. Created with Autodesk Inventor, 123D Make http://123...
Laser Acrylic Bookends by TechShop style
Lasered Acrylic Bookends by Zack@TechShop This instructable will guide you in creating easy bookends made from a sheet of acrylic.  To do this, you need access to a laser engraving ma...
Color Mapping for Laser Cutting @ TechShop style
Purpose: vector cut multiple depths in a single file Tools: CorelDRAW X5, EPILOG laser cutter Also known as pen tables, setting up color mapping can reduce cut time and just make life easier by runn...
Making a relief model of Edgewood Park style
I've been with TechShop for some time now and I enjoy using the Epilog Laser Engraver. I'm always looking for projects to show off its unique capabilities. My girlfriend belongs to a group of volunte...
Laser Cut Acrylic THINK Desk Sign style
I've always liked Thomas J. Watson's quote "All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think" so I thought I'd make a laser cut acrylic desk sign with the word "...
Acrylic bracelets style
Tired of the same old bracelets? Get out your sketch book and start dreaming up some shapes we are gonna get bendy with plastics!  we are going to TechShop to get our fashion on! Woot!  Things you wi...
Creating a Jig for the Repeating Unit Bracelet style
After making the Repeating Unit Bracelet shown in another of my Instructables, I decided that it would be useful to have a sturdier platform to use both to design the bracelet and to do at least one s...
Creating a Puzzle Box style
This was my very first project on the laser cutters at the TechShop, and I am indebted to Bruce Viney for supplying the plans for the project.  Check out this (and many other) puzzle box plans at: htt...
Creating a Spinning Greeting Card style
This makes a greeting card that will fit in a standard A-6 envelope (6.5” x 4.25”). Tools and Materials: - laser cutting machine (I made this at the TechShop: - vector art software -...
$7 Messenger Bag style
It was a dark cold morning when I woke to find my old messenger bag in tatters. Well I did not really awake to find it in tatters it was a long and slow decline. I did however awake having succumb to ...
Laser Etching Anodized Aluminum style
This Instructable will show you how to use a laser cutter to etch anodized aluminum.   I live near a DIY workshop called TechShop - they have $1M worth of equipment that I can get access to for about ...
Terrarium with lasers! I made this at techshop! style
What to make a sweet terrarium, but out of good ideas? Make yourself one using lasercut animals! 
How to make a wall-mounted magazine rack using a laser cutter. style
These are instructions for making a simple seven-slotted magazine rack using a laser cutter and some glue.  You will need access to a laser cutter (I used TechShop's), approximately 4' x 4' of 1/4" th...
Make a Custom Night Light style
Tired of the same old boring light nights? Looking for something to spruce up the night? Make yourself a custom night light!  Things you will need: A TechShop Membership 1/8 piece of wood (your choi...
I built self confidence at the TechShop style
I am a low tech crafter.  My favorite mediums are paper, glue, and scissors.  The thought of using a computer and a laser cutter was very intimidating to me.  For one I would have to learn how to use ...
How to make a custom laser etched wine bottle style
This instructable describes how to make a laser etched wine bottle that can be used to bottle your own home made libation, as a flower vase or whatever application you find for wine bottles.  I make m...
Laser Cut Shirt style
My sister and I headed down to heatsync labs in Mesa, AZ this morning to try out the laser cutter on some t-shirts! (By the way?  Do you think this is cool?  Do you think huge LASERS are cool?  Check...