Picture of Laser Cutting a 3D Pyramid Puzzle ...

Okay, first we need to describe the puzzle;  It's about a 4,000 years old design.  It's very simple ... two exact halves of a 3-sided pyramid.  Sounds easy?  Well it's a brain teaser for your friends to assemble the two pieces into a pyramid.  This Instructable is my challenge for you to see what all materials you can use for making these puzzle pieces using laser cutting. 

The 40W laser prize here is a perfect home model for making soft plastic toys ... so first you need to find a suitable material (NOT PVC, NOT Lexan, NOT Stone etc... for various reasons of poisoning yourself and viewing friends 'n family to the fact that 40W can't cut into stone very well.)  But what about a block of acrylic?  That might work if the acrylic isn't too thick ... or maybe just using a chunk of Styrofoam packing to reshape into your puzzle pieces (near zero materials cost!) ... the cost is just a few calories of energy you use to cut it into small enough blocks to fit into your laser cutter/engraver. 

Okay, lets get down to the meat of this Instructable ... Lets make a 4,000 year old Pyramid Puzzle piece.