Laser Cutting for Beginners





Introduction: Laser Cutting for Beginners

This is What you will be cutting out, and assembling. But first, you have to make it.

Step 1: Watch This Video (optional, But Highly Recommended)

Step 2: Open Up This Program an Make It. the Name of It Is Sketchup. Make Sure You Go and Add the Large Tool Set, You'll Need It.

Here are the dimensions.(The slanted lines dimension is 1.5) Click the orange text you're reading right now.

Step 3: Make Sure When You Save It, You Actually Export It to Dxf or Stl. in This Case We'll Be Choosing Stl.

Step 4: Once You've Converted Your Sketches File to a Stl File, Open Up 123D Make and Import Your Stl File.

Step 5: Now the Next Part Is a Little Difficult, So Here's a Video Tutorial on How to Do the Next Step.

Step 6: Once the Pieces Are Cut Out, Use Some Sort of Wood Glue (Gorilla Glue Recommended) to Assemble the Pieces.


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