Picture of Laser Doodle
This is the world's cheapest laser light show... It converts your voice and sounds to laser patterns. I made the first one years ago with my dad. We simplified the the design for BurningMan2006. We helped 200 people in one day make them at MakerFair 2007. TechShop was kind enough to supply the materials and booth space.

Materials needed:
-Tube (at least 4in long, between 2 and 4in in diameter)
-Laser pointer (like the cheap ones from longs)
-A latex glove or balloon
-Coat hanger (or ~12in piece of welding rod, best for mass production)
-Small mirror
-Hot melt (or double sticky tape, safer to handle but more expensive)
-Rubber Bands
-Drill w/ small drill bit (size of the wire or coat hanger)
-Vice grippes or pliers
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Step 1: Bend the wire

Picture of Bend the wire
Bend your wire or coat hanger in half with small chanel down the center and bend the ends up in the same direction.

Step 2: Marking and making holes

Picture of Marking and making holes
Mark and drill 2 holes 2in from the front of the tube distanced apart the same distance as the ends of the wire. Remember: use SAFETY GLASSES.

Step 3: Prepare the glove

Picture of Prepare the glove
Slit the glove with scissors so it is able to streach across the tube (or if using a balloon cut off the end that is used to fill it up)

Step 4: Strech glove on

Picture of Strech glove on
Strech the glove tight across the front of the tube and secure it with a rubber band. Place the ends of the wire in the holes drilled out so that the wires extend beyond the front of the tube than secure the wire and further secure the glove to the tube. Restrech the glove and cut the exess off with scissors.

Step 5: Place Laser

Picture of Place Laser
Place the laser at the end of the wire frame and secure it with a rubbber band. Make sure the button is accessable for easy turn on and off.

Step 6: Bend the wire more

Picture of Bend the wire more
laser location.JPG
Bend the wire so that the laser points about 1/3rd of the way up the streched glove or balloon.

Step 7: Place Mirror

Picture of Place Mirror
Glue (or tape) the mirror to the glove or balloon so that the laser reflects off the mirror.
Kryptonite7 years ago
Any idea what the affects on a tight glove or a loose glove would have on the light show? would the loose on make bigger patterns on the wall or wouldn't it work as well because it cant be moved as easy.

Just a thought
btw nice little idea of urs
Guessing intelligently, a looser diaphram would react better to low frequencies, a tight diaphram better to high frequency sounds. Worth experimenting.

Keeping the mirror very small and light should improve overall response. Try a piece of aluminium foil or similar.
a loose glove would mke bigger patterns, but if its too loose you wont be able to get it to work.
ilpug4 years ago
i making a big one of these.
Im making a modified  version of this for art. But with a speaker and jack in the box casing.
bandish21895 years ago
you can do with another topology it's better then this
talco926 years ago
If you glue this to an uncovered speaker, it creates patterns to the beat of music. see this tutorial: www.metacafe.com/watch/825350/amazing_laser_pointer_light_show_easy_to_make/
Derin7 years ago
you should probably glue on the mirror
it might help...
Saldan7 years ago
awesome job! i just need to know how to hold it but a cool and simple laser thingy yay! the glove vibrates and the mirror moves so the light goes everywhere!a lot simpler than i thought!
PyroMonger7 years ago
im going to try this and add a speaker to it so i dont have to physically make a sound to use it and the music would make cool patterns when played....i think
~Shadow~7 years ago
I'd be curious to see what certain sounds make :D
dekumus7 years ago
u guys rock man !!
SecondSun7 years ago
Sweet, the light show is amazing. P.S. If you make several with different color lasers (i.e. green) and tighten or loosen the glove of one of them you get a multicolour light show. <<<< just speculating, I'm not brave enough to try it yet :)
nathan421008 years ago
Could you use a piece of cut CD?
front surface mirror is best but a cd/dvd would work just fine... BTW this instructable has been done before this is a copy
lagenger7 years ago
you should put some speakers or some headphones on something inside it. :E
shadowman27 years ago
I'm sure you can try and put more than one laser for a more dramatic effect. The instructable is great.
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
that is awesomly simple i need a laser so bad
nathan421007 years ago
For future reference, I used a balloon around a deli container and it didn't work with a regular talking voice. I had to yell at it to get it to move 15 feet away from a wall
FreakCitySF8 years ago
This was fun to make and totally free at the maker faire! Thanks for sharing!
lemonie8 years ago
Well, I haven't see this before, so I'm rating it. L
This rocks. If you put a speaker in it pointing up, do you think it would be enough to move the diaphram? Can it be used for evil?
A speaker would easily work just fine. Considering a speaker puts out just as much noise as your voice, why wouldn't it? If you closed it off, it would actually move too much air for the diaphragm and may move it out of the lasers path. (Depending on how low the sounds you are trying to make are.)
or you could just put the mirror on the speaker itself
rocketbat8 years ago
great instructable and idea!
rocketbat8 years ago
hmmm, i wonder what you saying?:D
HamO8 years ago
Hot stuff! Very well done instructable good pix. Thanks for sharing.