Laser Engrave a Pattern on the Rim of a Turned Wood Bowl

Picture of Laser Engrave a Pattern on the Rim of a Turned Wood Bowl

Adding an engraved pattern to the rim of a turned wood bowl can add to the natural beauty of the bowl and lend a subtle indication of your intended purpose for the bowl, in this case; wrapped Christmas candy. I engraved this bowl at the Techshop, San Jose, CA.

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Step 1: Measure the Rim Diameter and Foot Diameter

Picture of Measure the Rim Diameter and Foot Diameter

You need to know you rim's outside and inside diameter in order to fit your pattern and also in order to make a paper mask. Choose an image you want to use and step and repeat the image as necessary to complete a circle that will fit on your bowl's rim. In this case I chose to engrave with a vector pattern, but the same would apply for a rastered pattern.

You need to know the foot diameter in order to make the positioning fixture. This simple fixture will hold the bowl in position so that you can use the paper masks to check your pattern, without the risk of moving the bowl.

Step 2: Create Paper Mask

Picture of Create Paper Mask

In Corel, or your drawing program of choice, create an outline drawing for a paper mask that is used to "proof" the engraving design prior to actually engraving the bowl rim. Use the outside diameter to draw a circle and add four tabs to the circle. The tabs will be bent over the bowe edge to position the mask.

Use a "vector" setting and cut a couple of masks out of paper. Plain copy paper works fine, but if you have a larger bowl you may want to use "butcher paper" or brown wrapping paper. The mask is going to be used to check your pattern, size and placement, so use good (clean and not wrinkled) paper.

CraigRJess1 year ago

Nice bowl and great design!

misacsson1 year ago
nice one
bgerens (author)  misacsson1 year ago

Thank You!

jmwells1 year ago
Great look!
bgerens (author)  jmwells1 year ago