Laser Engraved Coconut Cups & Pina Colada




Introduction: Laser Engraved Coconut Cups & Pina Colada

Here we're going to show you how we laser engraved coconuts for a modified Piña colada called the "Osuna Colada". We named this after one of our favourite Toronto Blue Jays pitchers Roberto Osuna! Go Bue Jays!

Not only are we going to show you how to create a delicious drink, but how to customize its vessel - the coconut!

Step 1: Customizing the Coconuts

Using the Speedy 300 laser with 100 power and 75 speed, we engraved Osuna's face, number and the Blue Jays Logo onto several coconuts! Talk about patriotic.

Step 2: Opening the Coconut

Next we opened the coconut using a very easy technique.

Start by finding the pointy side of the coconut which is naturally divided into 3 sections.

Now focus like a laser (how punny) and gave all 3 sections a wack with a hammer.

Keep doing this until the top pops off and you can drain the milk for either disposal, a refreshing drink or in your colada!

Step 3: Crushing the Ice

To get perfectly crushed ice, wrap a towel around ice cubes and crush them with a mallet, or better yet a customized mallet (just search "Bar Tools Engraving" on our YouTube channel!).

Pour enough to fill the coconut.

Step 4: Making the Colada

To make this delicious colada we mixed equal parts (2 ounces) of alcohol, coconut milk, tropical medley and agave nectar.

After giving it a good shake we're ready to go.

Pour into the custom coconut, pop in a straw and there you have it, the Osuna Colada! Cheers!

Written by: Zina Ahmed



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