Dreaming up a unique gift, I decided to use my skills learned at my local TechShop.  The knowledgeable staff taught some informative classes.   I made it completely at TechShop!  The equipment and facilities are fantastic and allow you to be quite creative.

Materials needed:
• 12" Wooden Rolling Pin
• Digitized artwork or graphics

Tools needed:
• EPILOG 60 Watt laser cutter/engraver
• CorelDraw X6

You can make your own rolling pin at TechShop, but i went the easy route and purchased one. 

Step 1: Determine Work Area

Determine area that you wish to engrave on the rolling pin.  With a length of 10' and a diameter of 2”, I decided that the lettering would look best with a height of 1”.   
<p>Great idea!! Very Cool, I bet a stone rolling pin would be pretty cool to engrave also</p>
What a great gift -- I'd be thrilled to get one! Thanks for showing us.
Nice job. (That's an interesting <em>fleur de lis</em> - did you create it yourself?)
thanks, yes, I wanted to give the fleur a bit of interest and texture, and my wife likes swirly things. :)

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