Picture of Laser Engraved Rolling Pin
Dreaming up a unique gift, I decided to use my skills learned at my local TechShop.  The knowledgeable staff taught some informative classes.   I made it completely at TechShop!  The equipment and facilities are fantastic and allow you to be quite creative.

Materials needed:
• 12" Wooden Rolling Pin
• Digitized artwork or graphics

Tools needed:
• EPILOG 60 Watt laser cutter/engraver
• CorelDraw X6

You can make your own rolling pin at TechShop, but i went the easy route and purchased one. 
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Step 1: Determine work area

Determine area that you wish to engrave on the rolling pin.  With a length of 10' and a diameter of 2”, I decided that the lettering would look best with a height of 1”.   

Step 2: Create graphics and text

Picture of Create graphics and text
With CorelDraw, I set up a work space of 1 1/2” by 10”  and placed the piece of artwork along with the pieces of text to fit in the workspace.  Then head to the laser....

Step 3: Laser set up

Picture of Laser set up
Setup Epilog laser with the Rotary Attachment.  Remote the handles of the rolling pin and place it into the rotary attachment so that it lays flat and will roll properly.   Set the proper laser height.

Step 4: Print Set Up

Set the print parameters for the Epilog 60 Watt laser for Wood.  I altered the parameters slightly with a Power of 90% and a Speed of 75%.   With the cover open run a test print and make sure the pin rolls properly.  The laser head moves and rolls the pin but the laser does not fire with the cover up.  

Step 5: Engrave the Rolling Pin

Picture of Engrave the Rolling Pin
2012-10-09 22.01.40.jpg
Close the laser cover, if all satisfactory and print again.  Sit back and watch the magic happen….

Step 6: Finish up

Picture of Finish up
Reattach the handles, disassemble the rotary attachment and you’re done.   Make sure and visit a Techshop near you.
tenoeight1 year ago

Great idea!! Very Cool, I bet a stone rolling pin would be pretty cool to engrave also

kathynv2 years ago
What a great gift -- I'd be thrilled to get one! Thanks for showing us.
Kiteman2 years ago
Nice job. (That's an interesting fleur de lis - did you create it yourself?)
tiburon65 (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
thanks, yes, I wanted to give the fleur a bit of interest and texture, and my wife likes swirly things. :)