Picture of Laser Engraved Rubber Stamp

So you want to make a Rubber stamp... I made this at Tech Shop (Pittsburgh). Perhaps you want a Return address stamp, a unique design for your scrap booking, or I just wanted to try out the laser engrave-able rubber so i make my new logo from my business. Follow as I walk you along, and point out a few of my missteps.

You can order some of the engraveable rubber at laser bits.


Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1

Make your design on the computer, I used my logo and adobe illustrator.

Once it was ready I sent it to the laser software and adjust the settings to acheive the settings to the desired speed and power. These will be different for every laser engraver.

The steps to get to this point have been well documented in instructables, if you need help getting to this point it should be easy to find.

I will say * be sure to mirror or reverse you image. (i forgot to do this and the stamped image was backwards)