Picture of Laser Etching And Cutting
In this instructable i will be making a family emblem. making it using scrap wood i found lying around.
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Step 1: Materials And Machines

Picture of Materials And Machines
For this project i used scrap wood 24x18 just enough to fit in a epilog laser

Step 2: Designing Process

Picture of Designing Process
i made several design using coreldraw but i think this was my favorite one.

Step 3: Lasering It Up

Picture of Lasering It Up
after choosing your design print the document into your laser, and follow all safety tips for the laser.and your finish project should look something like this
mmm whats scral wood? This instructable seems to be missing some huge steps and explaination. Are you going to add more information?
cflores4943 (author)  Mindmapper11 year ago
Hello Mindmapper1, I apologize for my lack of wording and organization. I am quite new to this. This is my second time posting an instructable, and I will try to improve and add more information in the future. And scral was a typo for Scrap.