Step 3:

First, you place your piece in the far left corner.  You insert a tool for focusing the laser as seen in the picture.
<p>Hi,</p><p>I'm looking for a laser machine like this for my shop.</p><p>How much did this cost?</p>
depending on the size of the machine you can spend anywhere from 20-30 thousand on a Epilog laser
Great looking faceplate! <br> <br> That's a really nice one techshopdude! <br>Could you throw some (or a lot of!) light on your amplifier design and construction? <br>I love DIY audio, because I've been able to make some equipment that puts to shame some store bought onesmany times as expensive... :) <br> <br>I'm in the process of multi-amplifying my setup, using 24dB/Oct electronic active Crossovers, in order to have a lot of flexibility when trying several different drivers, since one could easily match sensitivities and crossover frequencies/slopes etc. <br>Cheers. Amclaussen, Mexico City.
Sounds like you are into very advanced stuff!<br><br>I used the the classic 3 stage class AB amplifier design you see in books like Douglas Self's &quot;Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook&quot;. <br><br>The heat sinks are from Conrad Heat Sinks in Australia. The case was from a supplier in the US named Par-Metal. Switch from Lamptron. Back connectors bought on ebay. Toroidal transformer from Plitron in Canada.<br><br>Too much to describe to make an Instructable though maybe I'll try it piece by piece.<br><br>techshopdude<br>
Yay, another TechShop member, we will eventually take over the world, one nifty project after another!

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