In our last Instructable, we powder coated glass jars by lining them with aluminum foil before starting the powder coat process. In this Instructable, we'll learn how to laser etch into the powder and the glass, and see how different powder colors and speed and power combinations effect the outcomes.

What you'll need:

> Powder coated glass. Preferably a few different pieces, especially if you're planning to run speed/power tests
> Laser etching machine
> A level

I made this at TechShop SF!

Step 1: Align and Level Your Piece

We start with a jar that we powder coated in Deep Orange from Columbia, and a lid coated in Bright Red from Eastwood. The colors you choose will each take the lasering a bit differently and will effect the outcome of your project, Therefore, it's best to test each color for depth and penetration through the material, thickness quality of the etched lines, and contrast of the etchings on the colored background.

> Align the piece in the laser and matched the work to the surface.
> Level the piece. depending on your surface, you may need to build a shim or jig to level your work and keep it in place.
> Run a test etch on paper, cardboard, plastic, or other sacrificial surface to make sure that your lined up properly. (make sure your test doesn't bleed through to your work.)
That's badass. Nicely done!

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