Laser Files for Duplex Outlet and Wall Switch


Introduction: Laser Files for Duplex Outlet and Wall Switch

I was building an acrylic box for a control panel and I needed to put two (2) duplex outlets and two (2) single gang wall switches in the control box.

I could not find any specifications for the positions of the holes or the shape of the ovals.

For some reason, this took me an inordinate amount of time to draw.

I thought that I would put it out there to save other people the time and hassle of having to do this.

Step 1: Draw the File in Corel 6.1 and Then Laser Cut Them Out.

First I made the Corel Draw files to laser out the acrylic and after much consternation, I got them to fit exactly.

I've included the Corel Draw .CDR file and also a DXF.

I made these at TechShop.

Hope that this will save you some time on your projects.



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