Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...
You will need the following items:
1. 16X DVD Burner. I used an LG burner I had as a spare.


You can buy the Red LASER DIODE HERE
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what website for the lazer
I'm severely new to all this tweaking, but I'm learning. So I was wondering, would a blu-ray laser work? I read the instructions and know about the cd/dvd PLAYER dilemma, but I wasn't sure about the blu-ray lasers. Thanks.
Yes a blue ray laser will work, but it will be way more expensive.

Audi0slave5 years ago
A better way to get a diode is take it out of a laser pointer it's less work and less expensive.  This is a good website to buy one from
I see you use a red laser diode from a dvd burner. Question ? I have a 5mW green laser pointer, can i use the parts from my green laser pointer?
Thanks: ( very good and informative instructions)
Will this unit ,or any type of green laser pointer of 100mW or larger make a neighbors security camera pointing at you, make it dysfunctional?
will a normal dvd reader work?
fcampbe46 years ago
Do you guys think you could take the diode just out of a regular cd player?
In one of your video,you mention that instead of destroying a xbox360 you can use a broken one. what do you mean by broken ones?how do you make sure that the laer diode is not damaged when getting a broken xbox360?thank you for your help?Pls reply
Will a blue colour laser diode work?if it does how to get one without destroying a a hdd drive or how to get one in singapore?Help will be appreciated.pls reply thanks.
kipkay I have a 22x burner. I was wondering if that will work? will? thanks
mezhopking7 years ago
What a great project... I've ordered the housing, but I'm cautious as to which DVD drive to buy. It would be very helpful if those that have made this project work could share which drives they used... If would greatly speed up my purchase of a correct drive. And obviously it would help others in a similar situation. Thanks...
buy a blu ray diode for 20 tp 40 buck on ebay :)
tek- mezhopking6 years ago
You dont have to buy a full burner drive- just buy the diode--

find the sony 16x diode for $20.00

berryman137 years ago
Man, I hate to have to tear apart a brand new $45 dvd burner, I wish there was a MUCH cheaper way, also, my computer only has a cd burner in it, so i'm so upset when I buy one, and I can't use it for my computer! :P
tek- berryman136 years ago
You dont have to buy a full burner drive- just buy the diode--

find the sony 16x diode for $20.00

Did It Work With The Sony 16X Diode?
zwhite936 years ago
What about a PHR-803T HD? Being a complete laser noob, I'm not sure what modifications would be necessary to make this work. It is a 5.6mm form factor, so thats not too different, right? What do you think? I am not advertising, just trying to give y'all an idea of what im seeing:
You would need to use a driver circuit, set to ~100mA. Driving directly off of the battery would kill it instantly. A 16x DVD burner diode can survive for at least a while without a driver.
tek-6 years ago
Ive seen on previous comments that a DVD player diode might work, i dont mind to much if it doesnt BURN anything, id just like a laser thats capable of 'the beam' where you see a long laser beam instead of just a red dot at the end. A quick reply would be most appreciated..
gurat6 years ago
can you use a radio/cd laser instead?
alfy956 years ago
Would a 8x dvd drive work as well?
revo101 alfy956 years ago
anything will work i used a 50x. ANY DVD BURNER WILL WORK!
SuperJesus6 years ago
wow. after reading how many posts below that asked "can i use a dvd player?", i think i died a little inside... keep up the great work KipKay! You always have the best mod/build vids!
Can u use a normal cd drive or does it have to be a dvd burner?
I just RIped apart my Compact disk rewriteable (ultra speed) and found a little plastic reader inside so i think it need to be a dvd burner.
TIC-TACS6 years ago
I have a cyberhome CH-DVD 320. WOULD that WORK????
Max237 years ago
Sorry, this has probably been asked before, but can I just buy a laser diode instead of ripping one out of a DVD burner?
beepers277 years ago
alex553787 years ago
Can you use a Sony - 20x Internal Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive?
err, 1 question. does this works with an CD burner too? thanks
alexela7 years ago
sorry... i just destroy my laser... do you sell one of that lasers that you have made.
Kipkay (author)  alexela7 years ago
No sorry. I never sell the props I make.
DoubleZero7 years ago
Well I've just burn't out my laser don't buy a LG Model GSA-4160B, I just placed it into the AixiZ Laser Module and was adjusting the lense when it stopped working and it was on for only a few seconds. Kipkay what model number did you use I'm looking at getting a LG GSA-41678 it looks identical to your one in picture.
Kipkay (author)  DoubleZero7 years ago
The one I used was an LG GSA-H10N
JokesTA7 years ago
do u get from a normal dvd player?
Kipkay (author)  JokesTA7 years ago
No, As stated here in dozens of places and in the video it is a DVD Burner, not player.
G33k7 years ago
Goez to favorites =)
alexela7 years ago
i just destroy my laser... do you sell one of that lasers that you have mede.
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