Step 3: Extract the DVD Laser Diode

Picture of Extract the DVD Laser Diode
After removing all of the screws from the DVD burner, remove the cover and the DVD drawer. This will expose the laser carriage assembly.
iam really confused , I got out a "laser" , but when i look at it from the top , wich is where the laser would come out , all i see is 2 pins and a tiny tiny tiny glass piece , is this the laser ? , and it has like a grey metal thing around it , but there is no lence or anything Oo , its glued to the metal like hell . help me please ?
 It seems a bunch of people are trying to figure out where the DIODE is located...
IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER Drive of sort ANY will do (An old CD ROM from a Bad PC)
My advice is Go buy a 5 dollar DVD or CD ROM from a PC Store or the local recycling center.  Might be cheaper...  But DON'T try to GET the HDDVD Laser out if you haven't had a little practice on a Cheap "WHO CARES IF I BREAK IT DVD or CD ROM."  You only get one chance to take the HD one out and if you slip you get to buy another.
The LASER DIODE is "Hidden"down deep inside.  You will end up Probably Breaking the Metal Casting around the laser itself.  If you see the LEN'S (The piece that runs back and forth that you can see without taking anything apart ON TOP)  Below that you'll see a Round Piece of Glass. Dig Deeper Behind that maybe upto 1/2" away the Laser Will be, behind that.  This is where you might have to break the Metal Casting of the housing. ***NOT the LASER HOUSING***  "The metal housing you might need to break to get the diode out."
Dig way down under everything you see and pull out a 3 Pin Laser Diode as Pictured in Step 6.
I want to build a subsurface engraver. can I use dvd burner laser to do this, I only need to penetrate 25mm 1inch of class,
How do I control the laser direction. where is the controller of the laser.
kcortez14 years ago
dude.. can i use the diode in my old DVD PLAYER
instead my DVD WRITER for a burning laser ????

Doc Penguin4 years ago
is it pos. if i can use a mini DVD player laser???
TRAHZIL4 years ago
Could i use an Old original Xbox laser diode?
mad_b5 years ago
Those "2 children faces" makes me remember of that "face mountain" on mars... Matter of combination of lights and the photo :-)
But yeah, they are freaky hahahaha
hey do i have to buy all tht stuff off ebay?!
Flaminhaz6 years ago
hi I was just wondering if i could use this diode: http://stonetek.org/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=220 because that is only $9.99, green and 200mW Thanks =]
PS: If anyone does buy these diodes or has bought them could they tell me if they are very bright or post a pic or something?
BrookeAaren6 years ago
i've screwed out a diode from a fujitsu dvd burner. but the diode has got 12 pins! now i can't figure out, which two pins are the diode. can anybody help me please? i added a picture of it:
Ironegg6 years ago
Yeah, Dude, WTF. That is weird.
Am I the only one who sees two children's faces in those two little metal bits by the orange stuff? That's kinda freaky.
i see them too
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Kipkay (author)  LucesDarkness7 years ago
Funny. I never saw that! It is a bit freaky! Thanks for pointing that out!
fred118957 years ago
I really dont want to pay the 60 dollars for a dvd burner and I was wondering if I could buy just the diode online. if so please give me a link and the specifics of the laser. thanks. Fred
tek- fred118956 years ago
Hello Fred-

Heres a link for a sony 16x diode $20.00 -- Please reply me if you make a succesfull purchase/installment and working laser.


go under diode subheading, Sony 16x should be easy to find--

If using 2x AAA batteries (output: 110mA (peak: 150mA) , im guessing that you wont need a driver as the 16x diode uses 210mA as safest mA--

fred11895 tek-6 years ago
thank you i will try this as soon i can
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redbuho7 years ago
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zezima17 years ago
im scared!
berryman137 years ago
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