Home Defense, Fallout Style





Introduction: Home Defense, Fallout Style

A working and totally simple laser light gate....first one ever, was not able to find a similar WORKING

Laser light gate. You could really use this as an actual home defense device!

Step 1: Diagram, Tools and Material

What you need for this lil project:

- Dremel tool

- Jig saw

- Screwdriver

- Scissors

- Drill bits

- Sharp knife

- 2-3mm Polystyrene sheet or ABS or whatever you can get

- Wonderglue + Hot glue

- Tape

- Screws (m2 for mounting the switch)

- 0.5-1mm wire

- 1-4 laserpointers (+3 red LEDs if you want to replace 3 of the lasers)

- All parts for the receiver as shown up there

- Another main switch for the laser-unit

- AA battery holder

- Li Ion cell

- Ball head joint from an old camera tri pod

Step 2: The Steps

- Solder the receiver together as shown video

- Solder the lasers together as shown in the video

- Cut out the parts for the laser unit, glue them together as shown in the video, insert battery/holder

and main switch, wire it as shown in the video, cover up the lasers with bits of tape,

spraypaint it with a color you like, I used Gun Metal Grey Metallic. Fit the receiver circuitry in a housing as shown in the video (I say that alot but the video is the perfect manual!).

- Either glue the components into a hallway or to steel-surfaces by using magnets inside of the housings of each part.

Step 3: Instructional Video

This will show you how to get it done. I made it while shooting the video, almost real time live footage :)



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    No but this is actually really cool

    You fool. I can simply crouch next to it and disable it by pressing "X".