Introduction: Laser Marquetry From a Digital Wood Kit

I am an artist that specializes in laser woodworking.  I show my work in galleries and have lots of requests for products, so this year I started making and selling kits to create wood marquetry. 

I designed and cut these pieces on Hurricane Lasers 100 watt machine.  The kit can be made by anyone - no glue, sanding, or woodworking skills are needed.  They are fun projects for kids and adults.

The kits can be purchased at

About the Kits:
All kits come with laser-cut wood veneer parts and easy instructions for you to make yourself.
  • Beginner level kits include high-bond adhesive applied to a backer board. No glue, sanding, or woodworking skills are required.  Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Advanced level kits are repeating patterns that can be combined and cover any size surface area.  A core substrate, glue, clamps, veneer tape, and backer veneer are not included.  The Advanced level kits are recommended for those with some woodworking skills and require minimal cutting with a blade.
I've included a video that shows how to make these kits.  I'd love some feedback on what kind of new designs you'd like to see next!

I'm also running a giveaway of the beginner level kits this month - "like" the Digital Wood facebook page to enter here:


masterURlaser (author)2015-08-17

Beautiful work!

andrew.cohen.5492 (author)2014-11-14

I am building a one of a kind resonator guitar. Its made of highly figured Claro walnut and maple cap with radial curl.It has a Thula burl fretboard. I wanted to get some sort of large medallion for the 10" round cover-plate. I thought something along the lines of your Amoeboid Zingatularian would be cool. Can you help me? Or do you have any other suggestions?
Thank You for your time.

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