Picture of Laser Monocle Headpiece
If you've seen Star Trek TNG (or the Austin Powers trilogy) you may have though that it would be pretty cool to have a laser-beam on your head (I did). So I bought a laser and I built this:
It features a fixed magnification scope with a narrow / wide- beam illuminating laser.
Please see the video for how fun the laser is, I used a little bit of fog for it, but not much.

(I'll edit a bit at the weekend, add some more pics)

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Step 1: Parts & Tools

Picture of Parts & Tools
I used:
Epoxy glue
PVA glue
Paper (Private Eye and a birthday card)
Car-body-filler (styrene-based)
Some bits I pulled off the back of a TV tube
Some bits I pulled out of a Canon B95 FAXPHONE
Various screws, bits of metal wire and plastic
A Crosman laser (IIIA)
Cheap spray-paint (black and metallic)
A pair of very cheap field-glasses*

Fiskars scissors (good scissors)
A craft knife
A junior-hacksaw

*Binoculars have prisms in them

Step 2: The face plate

Picture of The face plate
I seemed to remember PVA peeled off skin fairly easily from when I was at school...
I set up the video camera to point at me, with the LCD display rotated so that I could use the whole thing as a "mirror". I put a pair of underpants on my head to keep my hairs out of the way. I applied PVA glue to my face and added pieces of paper. Having built up a few layers I let the mask dry whilst trying to keep a straight face. The mask then had to be peeled-off.
After cleaning my skin, and picking PVA out of hairs, I applied some tissue to the inside of the mask and re-seated it (repeatedly) as it continued to dry and harden.
The end result was a face-hugging mask, which would for the base of the monocle.

ModMischief said: Two things would have made this step less painful: Vaseline & a hairdryer

To make it even easier, you could have used plaster cloth like I did for this mask:

You must be either a brave man or a masochist.
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Pluk2 years ago
Alex Mercer2 years ago
lemonie (author)  Alex Mercer2 years ago
I scared some kids for a moment at Halloween, but you could wear it to a Sci-Fi convention (you probably get a discount for dress)

completely blown away,i was not expecting so much from a mask construction i personally like the earpiece the best five stars
lemonie (author)  bobby sissom3 years ago

Thanks, the ear bit stops it falling off my head, it's mostly just functional.

hayme3 years ago
Holy crap! thats.... thats....
So Cool!
(removed by author or community request)
lemonie (author)  DELETED_Bobbienator4 years ago
Yes, they're just surface-finishing.

Dr Qui4 years ago
That's more than just a comic book that's Viz that is.

If I'm not mistaken that looks like the Brown Fox from Billy the Fish.

It's not as good these days as it once was, but i still buy it mainly for Rodgers profanisaurus and the occasional Finbar Saunders.
chrizw1234 years ago
Bring out the "Lasers"!
NatNoBrains4 years ago
Is that you?
I imagine you as some kind of... old guy.
lemonie (author)  NatNoBrains4 years ago
Yes, you're right on both.

And your profile picture...
Coliopteran4 years ago
It's like a steam punk borg! "Thou shalt be assimilated." I'm sending this page to my friend Brian he is an illustrator who is really into steam punk.
lemonie (author)  Coliopteran4 years ago

Not really "steam" though. I had seen it completely as Locutus from the beginning, but I couldn't get the same effect (with the bits I had) so it evolved into that.

a laser of mine said it only goes up to two miles isent that theoretically possible if it is possible then with a burning laser make a ton of mini mirrors and angle them so that the laser has about 5 feet after it comes out and then tada 
lemonie (author)  Doctor Freeman4 years ago

I'm not sure what you mean about the ton of mini mirrors and 5 feet.
The 2 mile bit would be the range you could see the dot at I think, in very clear air, no dust etc.

im 11 i thought it ment that it could only go 2 miles (i have way way widder range of the therory of releitivity and other things than your more than average 11 year old should but i cant figure out that duh...) oh and by the mirrors i ment that if it could only go 2 miles why not put mirrors in so that it (the beam) bounces ad bounces decreaseing its range untill if finally bounces out and it has 4/5 feet left out of the laser
lemonie (author)  Doctor Freeman4 years ago

OK I get it. The beam is scattered by particles in the air, eventually it's not visible. The mirrors would work I suppose, but you'd just get a feeble-beam.

exactly but what is a feeble-beam?
lemonie (author)  Doctor Freeman4 years ago

Right (I get my OED out) feeble; 1 weak, infirm. 2 lacking energy, force, or effectiveness.
Or "you end up with something like a cheap laser"


OED (online edcucation degree????) (no offence if thats true but for both you and kiteman impossible)
lemonie (author)  Doctor Freeman4 years ago
Oxford English Dictonary.

GeekBeam4 years ago
is that you in the pic? other than that you have a cool 'Ible on your hands here, I was looking for a steampunk monocle(y'know like the one that wierd guy wore in the Atlantis movie) and found this a few pages back.
lemonie (author)  GeekBeam4 years ago
Yes, that is I.

funny, because I'm only 13 years old, and I have a sense of, well, un-suckishness shall i say.
zygomatic4 years ago
Cool instructable. Do you have any specs for the lens you used for the beam widener?
FishWash5 years ago
ok sorry. this is freakin awesome.
rust FishWash5 years ago
This is sw33t^, Lemonie. The last thing I suspected was paper mache. 
NE THOU- Oh man this is great! I'm going to make one o' these!
SAND!!!!! WHA- This would look really good with my blue-striped button down shirt.
randofo5 years ago
You have a laser on your head! That's pretty rad.

Good job.
lemonie (author)  randofo5 years ago
I like lasers, well doesn't everyone? (20 quid, not too bad, and US built too)

Thanks for helping our failing econmey
lemonie (author)  SasquatchKid4 years ago

Second hand though, still I suppose someone bought a new one to replace it (the on/off switch is a bit knicky-knacky)

Ok you still helped
srilyk4 years ago
Now you need to use a green laser... also, AWESOME!
M.C. Langer4 years ago
AWESOME!!! I love it!!!!
n1cod3mus4 years ago
i have to say, THAT IS A LEVEL 5 BEARD!!! AMAZING!
lemonie (author)  n1cod3mus4 years ago
Thank you,

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