Cardboard Laser Pistol ~ Fallout 3 Inspired





Introduction: Cardboard Laser Pistol ~ Fallout 3 Inspired

Laser gun I built inspired form Fallout 3 after staying up all night with my friend. Made in about 3 days with cardboard, hot glue, plaster, and junk. Best paintjob so far.

Enjoy :D



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looks more like the laser detonator from the Fallout New Vegas DLC Lonesome Road

Look at a pictur ofe it.much difrent.

Um yeah, I know. It's inspired by Fallout 3, not a replica.

Very well done! With the release of New Vegas, a group of friends and I have all gotten obsessed with Fallout. For Christmas, I am making each of them something from the game. Some of this may include Fallout 3 Food, a Pipboy, and now...this! While it isn't something directly from Fallout, you sure did a good job of making it something that could possibly be seen in the game. I also very much enjoy some of your other creations on Instructables. 4.5* and subscribed!

Thanks, though there will be much to improve upon ;)
I went from a hardcore Fallout 3 player to a die hard New Vegas addict.
I hope to make something better in the future from New Vegas... not sure when... maybe this Christmas! (depends)

Haha, I'm with you on the New Vegas addict part :) I am currently working on a pip-boy and seeing that there is not a single instructable on it so far, I would love to see what you could whip up.

Oh man.
That has been an idea for a while. Would include all twisty knobs and lights.
But I can't really make any electronic thing, so it might just have to be an mp3 holder or something.

Yup I was thinking the same thing. What I might end up doing is maybe finding some old GPS or iTouch and creating a sort of arm case for it if I am not able to figure out the wiring.

Oh man, an touchscreen iPod or something would be seriously legit.
Hmm...What else is there? Well a copy of a medical wiki or something to cover personal stats, possibly some text documents/spreadsheets to maintain items and finances? Haha, I seriously want one of these now!
(and it would have to have a flashlight too)