Laser Printer Image Transfers





Introduction: Laser Printer Image Transfers

This is a great way to give digital images a vintage feel. Laser print image transfers are an easy-to-make home decoration, and make great gifts.

For this project I used:

Plywood or 2x6
Masking Tape
Rubber Gloves
Color laser prints.
Paper Towel.

Step 1: Prep Your Piece.

Cut down the laser print to fit the piece of wood that you want to work with, then tape the edges with masking tape.

Step 2: Burnish

Apply some xylol to a paper towel and burnish/rub the back of your piece like crazy. If you have a bone folder available, that works as an excellent burnishing tool.

You will know you have sufficiently burnished the back of your piece when the paper becomes translucent.

Step 3: Check It.

Gently peel back the paper and tape from the wood, check to see if the image has transferred. 

If it seems a little light, you can tape it back down, and repeat step two.

Step 4: Finish.

Allow xylol to dry for about 10 minutes, then it is ready.

That's it! Have fun, try to apply your transfers to paneling, furniture, cutting boards, whatever! It is a good idea to spray paint a layer of clear coat to the finsihed piece.




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what is xylol I would love to try this transfer but in Australia we do not know where to get xyloy ? Can you please help? kind regards Lisa G

I made it! with acetone and it works OK!

You can use acetone, it's not he same stuff but works.

No need to use chemicals, you can just iron the back of the paper. See

If you use glossy paper it will work even better than in that video.

I wanted to suggest a less-harmful chemical alternative: Citrus Solvent.
I have done that method (using the back of a spoon for burnishing) and it works.
Though for a more vivid, less washed-out look, this is currently the best way I have figured out to do it:

awesome video, subscribed... you NEED to make more.... please.

Thank you for watching and subscribing! :)

Could this be used to transfer an image onto silk fabric?

Are there particular laser printers that are better for doing transfers? I hear some have output that won't release/transfer.

I have heard that as well. I find that the paper stock has to be particularly crummy too :P Im using a very old colored laser jet printer, but when i tried to do the same process with a color print off my offices big xerox machine, the paper wouldn't release the color, only black.