Introduction: Laser Security System

It is simple laser security system using LDR

Video link

lets start ----

Step 1: You Need to Make

Picture of You Need to Make

Bread board or vero board

transistor - cl 100 or bc 548b


resistor- 1K,10K



Battery ( I use my old mobile phone battery 3.7v)

A laser pointer

Step 2: Making Circuit

Picture of Making Circuit

make circuit as per diagram

on bread board or vero board

Step 3: Setting Laser Pointer Alignment

Picture of Setting Laser Pointer Alignment

for making model project you can fit circuit on a ply board or install it on door

align with LDR & laser pointer.

when laser beam can't goes to LDR then buzzer will ring & led glow

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gallar (author)2017-03-07

what is the Arduino sketch code

Technoreview85 (author)gallar2017-03-07

It is not arduino project

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