Laser Security System for Home


Introduction: Laser Security System for Home

You have seen in many movies where lasers are used in security system, where a person is trying to steal some precious data or things and for this he is trying to save himself from laser beams but suddenly he comes in contact with a single beam and security alarm gets raise.

Yes guys you can make the same Laser Security System yourself for your home and above all you need not to spend more than few dollars.

To create same kind of security system you only required:-

  1. Laser Pointer
  2. LDR (Light depended Resistor)
  3. One relay
  4. Siren light
  5. And one potentiometer

To make this I have connected LDR with relay, whenever LDR changes

its resistance, relay changes its state and siren light gets activated.

Resistance of LDR depends on the laser beam, whenever someone comes in between the laser beam and LDR, the resistance of LDR gets change. I have placed one potentiometer between LDR and relay. To make them work properly we can tween up the resistance of potentiometer.

You must watch the video attached so that you can deploy it yourself easily.

Project page:- Laser Security system for Home

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