Picture of Laser Shooting Range (laser gun+target)
Laser Shooting Range (laser gun + target)

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a marksman? I can help you! You need a laser pointer, few electronic parts, some trash and 3-4 hours. The target can be stationary and moveable. You can practice as much shooting as you like. Let’s come to the point.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Materials and Tools

1 milk carton (for a target)
1 shampoo bottle (for a gun’s barrel)
1 body deodorant enclosure (for a gun’s grip)
color paper (to make a mask and decorate a target)
blister (to shield LEDs )
thread (to hang a target)
duct tape
double-sided adhesive tape
a laser pointer
felt pens
4 small bolts with nuts (washers are optional)

Electronic parts:
For a laser gun – a 2200mF/10V capacitor, a press on/off switch(for a trigger), a 3AA battery holder, a 3V buzzer (with in-built generator), a small switch (to activate a buzzer).
For a target – 1 PNP germanium transistor, 1 NPN transistor (BC547), 1 resistor 1K3/0,25W, 1 speaker 8 Ohm/0,25W, 2 LEDs(red/3mm), 1AA battery holder, a small switch, a phototransistor.


Soldering iron
Craft knife

Step 2: Target schematic

Picture of Target schematic
Target schematic

The schematic is a modified RL-oscillator. I added 2 LEDs and a phototransistior. Note: it is important to use LEDs with the lowest working voltage (under 2V). You cannot substitute a germanium transistor with a silicon one.

Step 3: Target's electronic work

Picture of Target's electronic work
Target’s electronic work

You needn’t a PCB. Solder transistors, a resistor and wires to the speaker’s lead-outs. When you are done, test the target. As soon as you expose the phototransistor to the light the LEDs will be on and the speaker starts beeping.

Step 4: Mask

Picture of Mask

I am fond of origami. If you don’t want to be bothered with folding you can draw a picture then cut it out and paste on a piece of cardboard. Punch holes in the eyes to install LEDs. Punch a few holes on the nose just opposite the speaker. Punch holes in the mouth to install a small switch. Punch holes in the bowtie to install a phototransistor.


PhoebeI1 month ago

Hi! I've been thinking about making this, but I've been having problems finding all of the pieces that you listed. Do you think you could you email me a list of sites or places where you found the materials? My email is pireland2016@gmail.com Much appreciated, thanks!

jimyxt4 months ago

Hello, it is a great project. Is the battery conected in the wrong way? please can you correct the schematic please? Regards.

Quin51 year ago

I'm looking to purchase a lazertag system to start a lazertag business,
would you be able to produce or lead me to the guns and equipment I need
that would be safe and certifiable, that would be a cheaper option than
the $600/gun price range that I've seen advertised by the lazertag
manufacturers? email if so at ulrichinvesting@gmail.com

profpat4 years ago
great idea!

fyi: you may substitute a silicon transistor for the germanium(hard to find nowadays), but you need to redesign the receiver circuit...
atonix4 years ago
Does the gun work If we use LED instead of laser light?
kostya (author)  atonix4 years ago
Yes. But I don't think it's worth replacing a laser diode with a LED. Laser diode is used because it is much brighter and it gives a smaller light spot at a target(shooting distance - 2-5m.). If you don't have a laser diode, you'd better use a superbright LED with an optical system (magnifying glass) at a gun muzzle.
kostya (author) 4 years ago