Laser Shooting Range (laser gun + target)

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a marksman? I can help you! You need a laser pointer, few electronic parts, some trash and 3-4 hours. The target can be stationary and moveable. You can practice as much shooting as you like. Let’s come to the point.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools

1 milk carton (for a target)
1 shampoo bottle (for a gun’s barrel)
1 body deodorant enclosure (for a gun’s grip)
color paper (to make a mask and decorate a target)
blister (to shield LEDs )
thread (to hang a target)
duct tape
double-sided adhesive tape
a laser pointer
felt pens
4 small bolts with nuts (washers are optional)

Electronic parts:
For a laser gun – a 2200mF/10V capacitor, a press on/off switch(for a trigger), a 3AA battery holder, a 3V buzzer (with in-built generator), a small switch (to activate a buzzer).
For a target – 1 PNP germanium transistor, 1 NPN transistor (BC547), 1 resistor 1K3/0,25W, 1 speaker 8 Ohm/0,25W, 2 LEDs(red/3mm), 1AA battery holder, a small switch, a phototransistor.


Soldering iron
Craft knife
How long does the laser pulse last?
<p>Hi! I've been thinking about making this, but I've been having problems finding all of the pieces that you listed. Do you think you could you email me a list of sites or places where you found the materials? My email is pireland2016@gmail.com Much appreciated, thanks! </p>
<p>Hello, it is a great project. Is the battery conected in the wrong way? please can you correct the schematic please? Regards.</p>
<p>I'm looking to purchase a lazertag system to start a lazertag business, <br>would you be able to produce or lead me to the guns and equipment I need <br> that would be safe and certifiable, that would be a cheaper option than <br> the $600/gun price range that I've seen advertised by the lazertag <br>manufacturers? email if so at ulrichinvesting@gmail.com</p>
great idea! <br><br>fyi: you may substitute a silicon transistor for the germanium(hard to find nowadays), but you need to redesign the receiver circuit...
Does the gun work If we use LED instead of laser light?
Yes. But I don't think it's worth replacing a laser diode with a LED. Laser diode is used because it is much brighter and it gives a smaller light spot at a target(shooting distance - 2-5m.). If you don't have a laser diode, you'd better use a superbright LED with an optical system (magnifying glass) at a gun muzzle.
<br> <br>Thanks!

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