We will be making a laser show that involves mirrors, speakers, and lasers!

Step 1: Gather Materials!

For this project you will need:

- small mirrors
- a <5mW laser (for the best effect)
- a base ( a wood, metal or plastic sheet to mount all the items
- a small computer speaker set
- a music source (phone, mp3 player)
- a screwdriver
- double-sided tape
- glue gun
- metal clip ( to hold laser)

optional: small metal clips ( to mount extra mirrors)
And what about to add a prism?!? separating colours...<br>Price in chinese stores are ridiculous and with this great idea...<br>Hummm I can get a Disco in my home!!!
No colours to separate in a laser - it's famous for being monochromatic (single-coloured)!
The whole point of a laser is to be a monochromatic coherent light. That means, it's only one single wavelength, and all the waves are &quot;synchronised&quot;. If you use a polarizing filter, the laser will even have waves all going in the same plane... Go check on wikipedia, they explain it better than I do. And although that's very interesting in physics, but will fail any kind of prism-like use :/ <br> <br>Though a thing I'd try and do to have this upgraded, would be to find a way to increase the angles _ in other words, to make the laser figures bigger. <br>That could be achieved with a bigger sound system (a subwoofer will vibrate obviously much more lol), I guess... Or maybe mounting other mirrors on vibrating surfaces, like an elastic food wrapper kind of thing mounted on a wooden frame... <br> <br>Well. Anyways, very nice project, it's kinda easy and all, which is cool. If you feel like working more on it, I'd advise totally take the speakers apart and make a complete custom mount :P
A laser light is in a VERY narrow spectrum, so a red laser will still give only red light if passed through a prism.<br>Theoretically, If you had a white laser that contains all the colors of the rainbow, and passed it through the prism, you'd get a dancing rainbow. However, the only white laser I know that's affordable is home made with 3 lasers (Red, Green, Blue). It's kinda complicated to make, and you still won't get a rainbow effect, just 3 dots in 3 colors (Red, Green, and you guessed it, Blue).
It's nice to see this implementation. It's identical to one ideated by a college roommate in 1979. Lasers were far too expensive back then to implement.

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