Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
All you need for this project is:

a building with a window to be listened-in on
a laser pointer
a tripod
electrical tape
a magnifying glass
a phototransistor (aka IR detector, can be gotten from remote control recievers)
microphone preamp and amplifier (this can be replaced by a laptop with a MIC port)
an extention chord or batteries for the preamp/amp
someone to listen in on

optional stuff:
a potentiometer (to control the laser brightness)
an infra-red laser (so the light can not be seen)
a digital camera (to see the infra-red laser during calibration)
extra bateries for the laser (upgrade to D cell or something)

(some of the needed equipment is shown below)
frogjake95 years ago
Where can I get a microphone preamp?
Gilly0016 years ago
with the mic port on a laptop, could someone please give me the details to get it into the port. Like, connect the wires and all. thanks.
-ddrblank-7 years ago
I'm in the process of creating this into a wrist watch. Right now its going OK, I'm looking for a laser at the moment. But I don't understand how the audio transformer and phototransistor fit into it...
Wolf Seril8 years ago
Hey question. you said "remote control reciever". Do you mean as in like a tv? Because I have an old tv that we lost the remote for, so could I find a phototransistor in there?
navaburo (author)  Wolf Seril8 years ago
sure thing however, many times you will find that the phototransistor is part of a sealed digital receiver package, making it hard or impossible to use. you might save yourself the trouble and get a discrete part from radio shack or the like.
YarenZero8 years ago
when you say a "MIC port", do you mean a port that you plug a microphone into, like on any computer or anything else you speak into that can have a microphone plugged into it? If so, I should be able to make a portable version withanything that has a Microphone port on it, right?
navaburo (author)  YarenZero8 years ago
thats right.
I think you can buy those toy laser things at toys r us for about the same price. No shit. that stuff works.
Neodudeman8 years ago
lol.. "All you need"
navaburo (author)  Neodudeman8 years ago
well... you dont realy need the meter, or the batteries, or the magnifying glass, or the iPod, or the potentiometer. But they can help!
ceridan8 years ago
Considering what this device does it's not that much stuff :) and fairly easy to get too :)
navaburo (author)  ceridan8 years ago
yes. that is my favorate part about projects like this. even if you need lots of stuff, most of it can be found in a household, or found in the trash/garagesales/for cheap.