Picture of Laser Voice Visualizer
Like hearing yourself talk? wish you could see yourself talk? shine a laser at a mirror that shakes with your voice.

Step 1: Parts Layout

Picture of Parts Layout
(1) ~6" of 1.5" pvc
(2) enough thin plastic to rop around an end of the PVC (typical sandwich bag is fine)
(3) small mirror (find a locket, or use a glass cutter on a mirror, or even use a small piece of polished metal)
(4) laser pointer
(5) tape (duct, I s'pose)
(6) some wood for a base plate
ELF8 years ago
Back in college one team in science class visualised sound in a quite different way. They took a tube, and drilled an array of holes all the way across. I THINK they then sealed off one end with a membrane, and blew flamable gas into it from the other end. Then ignited the gas so flames would be blowing out of the holes. When a noise then made the membrane vibrate, the gas pressure varied inside the tube, changing the height of the flames, and in that way visualising the sound waves... And ehm... I don't suggest trying it out yourself ;)
karossii ELF7 years ago
These are called Ruben's Tubes, and you can find hundreds of examples online. Mythbusters had a segment on one, but it never made it to TV... you can see the clip on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEiEBEadZFI&feature=related

Basically, you plug one end with a speaker and the other end has gas intake. They're really fun and as long as you follow typical safety precautions when working with flames and pressurized gas, relatively safe to play around with.
Vissy karossii4 years ago
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.
ELF karossii7 years ago
Rubens tube? ok, thanks :) And thanks for the video ;)
cosmo203465 years ago
wethecom7 years ago
atatch the pile to a bass speaker hole on a common computer sounds system eve moore there is a link to melt a cd and have it spin to make similuar sick light shows combined some how would rock...ill look into it
Sweet, video please?
if that laser pen in there is 5Mw than you could solder it a bit on the inside and make it burn stuff. its on www.youtube.com. its cool
actually, if you use a balloon for this step, it vibrates easier and make the laser design crazier.
marc928 years ago
Where did you get that laser pointer? It is very nice.
CameronSS8 years ago
Is there a video or picture of this somewhere? It sounds like it would be uber cool, but I'd like to see a picture of the laser show before I go hunting down some of my 1.5" PVC.
smartml9 years ago
a very nice project thanks for the simplification of the structure.
mikesty9 years ago
This is pretty neat - we had an experiment similar to this in physics class not long ago involving tuning forks :)