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This example will show how to combine an off-the-shelf laser pointer, schemer, and specially-modified magic dock to create an iPod remote control that you can wave at.
(TODO: we need a movie of Brad waving his hands)

Step 1: Background

We've just moved into a new space, and one of the first things we did was install Brad's stereo in the shop space. Music comes either from an iPod touch, or airtunes from somebody's computer.
Trouble is when we want to pause, change volume or tracks, one of us has to leave what we're doing, walk over to the stereo (or laptop) and fiddle with it. Using a traditional remote won't work either, 'cause you still have to find it.
We got to thinking: wouldn't it be nice if we could just wave our hands and control the music from right where we are?

The idea is to shine a laser beam from across the room at schemer's light sensor; if that beam is broken (by a raised hand), schemer reacts and tells the magic dock, which tells the iPod.
Since there's only one beam of light (for now), we had to modify the "waving vocabulary" for our 3 most common functions:
- Wave once to pause/play.
- Wave twice to get to the next track.
- Hold hand up until previous track is selected.
Now we can just wave our hands to interact with music pretty much from anywhere in the shop space, as long as we can break the laser beam. It's not the most functional remote control in the world, but being able to wave your hand in thin air to change tracks is awesome, let me tell you. 

It might be hard to do, but using mirrors could direct the beam all over the room, so it doesn't have to be just a line. Getting a good alignment would be pretty tough
Hey, I have a few questions:<br /> what is a schemer? what does it do, and how does it work?<br /> Where do I buy one?
&nbsp;Sorry, n00b here, what's a schemer?
&nbsp;Hi, Schemer is a tiny programmable button that receives new programs directly from the computer/ipod scrreen (instead of USB or even bluetooth). Check it out:<br /> http://www.aniomagic.com/schemer/about_schemer.php
&nbsp;This is awesome! But you should switch to I.R. laser for less energy consumption.
&nbsp;Interesting idea! Must try!! :)
Wow, a thousand views and no comments or ratings. I'm impressed by this. Such ingenuity and drive!<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! (^_^)/

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