Step 7: Test and Programming

Find a temporary place for your laser pointer on one side of the room. Masking tape works pretty well to keep the switch depressed. Aim it at schemer.

Head over to the programming website and customize schemer's sensitivity.

Normally, schemer is programmed to do nothing when the laser light strikes its light sensor. However, if you break the beam, it reacts and sends a control code to the iPod. In this case, breaking the beam for 1 second causes the volume to go up. Neat huh?

Soon we'll post videos of us waving all over the place (^.^)/ 
It might be hard to do, but using mirrors could direct the beam all over the room, so it doesn't have to be just a line. Getting a good alignment would be pretty tough
Hey, I have a few questions:<br /> what is a schemer? what does it do, and how does it work?<br /> Where do I buy one?
&nbsp;Sorry, n00b here, what's a schemer?
&nbsp;Hi, Schemer is a tiny programmable button that receives new programs directly from the computer/ipod scrreen (instead of USB or even bluetooth). Check it out:<br /> http://www.aniomagic.com/schemer/about_schemer.php
&nbsp;This is awesome! But you should switch to I.R. laser for less energy consumption.
&nbsp;Interesting idea! Must try!! :)
Wow, a thousand views and no comments or ratings. I'm impressed by this. Such ingenuity and drive!<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! (^_^)/

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