If you have access to a laser you can make laser-cut own speakers out of 1/4" plywood.
If not, you can use online laser cutting service such as Outfab and cut it out for under a hundred bucks.
You can use old speakers for the components like I did, or purchase the speakers and amplifier from your local electronics store.
An old stereo system should have everything you need.

Step 1: Harvest Parts

I got my speakers and amplifier from old speakers that sound pretty good but are hideous.
After taking the old speakers apart, analyze them and trace where the power and audio signals go. You'll need to know what to connect where.
Wouldn't these sound better if they were sealed?
Yes they would. A friend of mine who designs speakers said that the bigger the speaker the important it is to be sealed except for a small hole. I put holes all over it so the amplifier can stay cool. Ideally the heatsink would stick out of the back and no air flow would be necessary inside.

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