The laser cutter is an awesome tool for making quick decorations for parties, weddings, or special outings.  The speed at which it can vector cut thin wood makes it ideal for short production runs in a single hour or two of work.

In this Instructable, we will lay out a crab candleholder and do a few shape-related tricks in CorelDraw to make it stand up and nest properly.

Step 1: Lay Out the Vector Shape in Corel and Set Up the Workspace

The first step is to place and center your shapes on a page.  Here I have set up a 36" x 24" page and placed two identical crabs.  Use the "Align Centers Horizontally" tool under Arrange->Align and Distribute to make sure they are centered.  Then bring in three guides- one on the center of each vertically, and one on the horizontal center.
Fun! I want to try it with all kinds of shapes!

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