Step 4: The Products

Our products included:

phone charms
'fishhook' earrings
'stud' earrings (hanging product)
Xmas tree ornaments

The assembly of our products was relatively easy (albeit time-consuming), mainly involving the linking of jump rings in specific combinations (depending on the product). For example, an earring would consist of a 'fish hook' a 4mm jump ring, and a 6mm jump ring, whereas a keyring would consist of an 8mm jump ring and a 25mm split ring
<p>Awesome! Hey friend, could you please share your DFX file I would like to make some acrylic jewellery. Thanks!</p>
What a cool program! Man, that sure beats doing these sorts of projects solely for in-class or in-school sales. We tried something similar (albeit far less ambitious) with our middle school students. I'd love to see some more projects like this. Perhaps those MDF stands as there are many Instructables authors who also show and sell their projects.
Fab work! Looks like you guys have been very productive - hope it's profitable for you too!
Thanks, we've made a decent profit so far, but we still have lots more stock to sell!

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