Laser-cut Formica Business Cards




Introduction: Laser-cut Formica Business Cards

First of all I am not that good at editing or rastering using Coreldraw or Adobe illustrator. So if youre also not that good I suggest using 2D CAD and import into Coreldraw as .dxf or .dwg. A couple of people told me not to cut Formica on the Epilog. However the Techshop staff said it was ok if I did the research first. The results came up good. It turns out the top layer of Formica is some mix of polymer and paper. People have had no problem cutting this stuff and no toxic gases emitted. It did have a little bit of a funky smell after the cut was over.  My best results came out when I used vector cuts  with 25% power, 40% speed, <200hz frequency, and 600dpi.

This instructable was make at TECHSHOP IN ALLEN PARK(DETROIT)



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