Picture of Laser cut hanging lamp
lamp 2.jpg
I wanted to try making a lamp using a "living hinge" for the lamp shade.  I was very happy with the design which leaves cool lines on the walls when lit at night.  The lamp is cheap to make and easy to assemble as long as you have access to a laser cutter.  Made at the techshop SF.
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Step 1: Parts and cost

Picture of Parts and cost
Top and bottom pieces: 1/4" thick plywood: 8" x 15"   $5
Sides: 3/16" thick plywood: 6.5" x 23"  $5 (I used walnut veneer)

Hanging lantern cord: $7.25
Similar to:

Screws: 6-32, 3/4" x 8 and matching nuts x 8  $2.25

Total cost: $20
Total project time: 1 hour

Step 2: Cut your wood

Picture of Cut your wood
Use the attached files to cut your wood on the laser.

Step 3: Assemble!

Picture of Assemble!
assembled 2.jpg
done 2.jpg
1. Place screws through the flexible lamp shade panels and attach nuts
2. Carefully lay the sides over the top and attach, one screw at a time.
3. Attach remaining screws.  
4. Reinforce with a few spots of glue if you like.
5. Attach the lamp/cord

jaranda7 made it!5 months ago
I converted to a box, I'll replaced wood for PVC with acrilic and I've printed on it directly to the PVC foam
grammers your projects are just so...smart. and fast. how do you come up with this stuff?
your talent continues to shine. this is a bright example of your skill.