Laser Cut Lamp


Introduction: Laser Cut Lamp

I have designed a laser cut lamp after being inspired by the Spore floor lamp from Alienology
Here it is below, the 16 3/4 inch slats and two central rings are cut from a piece of 1/8 inch maple veneer plywood. I also laser engraved the date and my name onto one slat (concealed by a piece of electrical tape and a blurry lens). I bought a light socket on a cord at ACE hardware, spliced on a small switch, and added a bulb. The photo you see is with a half-chrome bulb, but the other photo is with a 24 watt fluorescent bulb. More photos and descriptions as well as the previous prototypes can be found on my blog here:



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    This is really cool and looks gorgeous. It would be great if you could post the step by step instructions on Instructables. i'm sure people would really love to know more about it.

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    I agree. Step-by-step instructions are needed.