Step 1: Get your supplies

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I say that this costs < 50 dollars. And it does, you can even get it cheaper if you have a broken scanner.

Here's the list:
1x Laser diodes Ebay Store $36 dollars for 2
2x Old Scanners Salvation Army $10 Dollars each
2x ULN2003 Electronic Connection $5
1x Prototyping board RadioSchack $2
2x 3/8" Aluminum Rod Home Depot $3 each
1x 3/8" Aluminum Tube Home Depot $3
10x Brass Brackets Home Depot $1
1x 2" cube of wood Home Depot $1
A bushel of Patience

Here is a video showing all the supplies you'll need including the tools:

NerdofSteel5 years ago
 excuse me, but the link to the laser diodes ends up in a store which no longer has diodes in it. what power was the diode that you used? and what all materials/thicknesses have you cut with it? also, have you had any issues with fire? sorry for all the questions but i've never build a CNC before XD
sserafim5 years ago
I love the part that he says: "...This stuff SAVED MY LIFE!.....  4 times!!..." This guys is funny. Nice video man!
seadonkium6 years ago
Could you use the Diode/laser thingys from a dvd player/recorder or Blueray thing insted, of buying them off ebay?
yes you can dvd burners and blue ray players have incredebly strong diodes that can cut paper, pop balloons, and light matches. those would be perfect for this.
nikkitikki6 years ago
genius! you are amazing. i want to hang out with you. i wish that it was for more than just black construction paper :(
I have to say you are smart AND cute. Good job.
I know its only two inches, but since when do they sell wood by the cubic inch?
they laugh at you and say help your self to the scrap bin thats what they tell me
musicman4327 years ago
What type and/or brand of laser are you talking about?