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Introduction: Laser Engraver/cutter

This instructable is about using a laser engraver/cutter. What can you do with it? Engrave someting on your notebook, plastic, phone case, wallet, wood, cardboard and cut paper and foam. Max engraving size: 38mm x 38mm and laser power is 300mW. The accuracy is great you can see it on video above or on the photos in next steps.

Step 1: Kit

Here is link where you can buy it:

In this kit you can find everything you will need to start engraving. Only one thing that you will need is piece of paper, wood, plastic or leather. So what is inside?

- laser engraver

- allen key

- usb power adapter

- safety glasses!!!

- instruction

- microSD card with program

Step 2: SAFETY!!!!

Lasers are very dangerous NEVER look on it without safety glasses.

Never put your hands under the laser light

Step 3: Before Start

Before start engraving you need to remove all transportation foam and tape. Move head up to the left and table up to the back. If any screws are loose, tighten them.

Step 4: Program

Here is link to this program:

Password is: 3477

or you can install it from microSD card that is included in kit.

This software includes all drivers, so you need to install it and you can start engraving/cutting. It's very simple to use and already has some example pictures. On the top of it, you have two tabs - Print picture and NC sender. Print picture is for normal engraving. NC sender is for cutting but also for engraving you can design some images for it by clicking create NC file. After click you will see inkscape this is very nice program for drawing. You can draw what you like and go to Path -> object to path and then extensions -> laserengraver -> laser. Set speed and name of a file click apply and it will open automaticly in laser engraver program.

Step 5: What Can You Engrave

You can engrave cardboard, wood, plastic, leather. Also you can engrave something on your phone case, pencil, toys. You need to check and set good burning time for diffrent materials.

Step 6: What Can You Cut

Because this laser is only 300mW you can't cut plywood or plastic. But easily you can cut paper (not white) and foam.

Step 7: Conclusion

Laser engraver/cutter is great tool you can make some great and funny stuff but remember that lasers are very dangerous and you need to be very careful while using it. Have fun with it.

Thanks for reading!

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3 Questions


my laser is very feint and although it is going through all the motions it isn't actualy burning, what am I doing wrong

I'm finding my Lazer is releflecing off my white cards I'm using, how can I increase the power to char the surface?

how i can print on bigger pieces like larger print no matter what i do the max size of the font i choose is too smalll, and i changed the laser head and got one with 1500mw and i still cant cut anything would you please help


Nice Blog. It's useful information regarding laser engraver/cutter. thanks sharing the post.

Does anyone have Lite Fire Laser software? Could you send me a link to download it? I'm not going to find it ...

Hi I have a dk-8-kz 1000mw laser engraver that ran great for a day but now I can't get it to connect to the software, it shows in device manager and I have downloaded the software from the web site but still no luck any Ideas????? Thanks!


I have the same problem....after i switch a few times my usb ports....device not present any more .... i try to reinstall the driver.... nothing happen...anyone have a idear? Software Neje V3.6 thx

I have the NEJE DK-8-KZ 1000mW Laser Engraver. After working good for one day it's getting connection problems every time I try to use it. First connection is no problem but with every operation I'm getting "Error data transmit".

I have the same situation on a brand new unit, were you able to correct this issue?

Thanx in advance...

When I remember right it was an issue about to less energy on the USB port of my laptop. Solved it by using an two to one USB cable.

Hi there, I have the neje dk-8-z laser and I don't like the image editing program that came with it. Could I use the super carver editor? If so, where could I find a download? Thanks a million!

Hello I bought a neje dk-8-kz 1000mw laser engraver, and in the hour that I import in the images, everything is a white. does not the image appear. what the problem is? does anybody know? Thank you.

is the software that you using freeware or do you have to pay