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This instructable is about using a laser engraver/cutter. What can you do with it? Engrave someting on your notebook, plastic, phone case, wallet, wood, cardboard and cut paper and foam. Max engraving size: 38mm x 38mm and laser power is 300mW. The accuracy is great you can see it on video above or on the photos in next steps.

Step 1: Kit

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Here is link where you can buy it:

In this kit you can find everything you will need to start engraving. Only one thing that you will need is piece of paper, wood, plastic or leather. So what is inside?

- laser engraver

- allen key

- usb power adapter

- safety glasses!!!

- instruction

- microSD card with program

Step 2: SAFETY!!!!

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Lasers are very dangerous NEVER look on it without safety glasses.

Never put your hands under the laser light

Step 3: Before Start

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Before start engraving you need to remove all transportation foam and tape. Move head up to the left and table up to the back. If any screws are loose, tighten them.

Step 4: Program

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Here is link to this program:

Password is: 3477

or you can install it from microSD card that is included in kit.

This software includes all drivers, so you need to install it and you can start engraving/cutting. It's very simple to use and already has some example pictures. On the top of it, you have two tabs - Print picture and NC sender. Print picture is for normal engraving. NC sender is for cutting but also for engraving you can design some images for it by clicking create NC file. After click you will see inkscape this is very nice program for drawing. You can draw what you like and go to Path -> object to path and then extensions -> laserengraver -> laser. Set speed and name of a file click apply and it will open automaticly in laser engraver program.

Step 5: What Can You Engrave

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You can engrave cardboard, wood, plastic, leather. Also you can engrave something on your phone case, pencil, toys. You need to check and set good burning time for diffrent materials.

Step 6: What Can You Cut

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Because this laser is only 300mW you can't cut plywood or plastic. But easily you can cut paper (not white) and foam.

Step 7: Conclusion

Laser engraver/cutter is great tool you can make some great and funny stuff but remember that lasers are very dangerous and you need to be very careful while using it. Have fun with it.

Thanks for reading!


VigoDaniele (author)2017-11-23

Does anyone have Lite Fire Laser software? Could you send me a link to download it? I'm not going to find it ...

viper412 (author)2017-05-10

Hi I have a dk-8-kz 1000mw laser engraver that ran great for a day but now I can't get it to connect to the software, it shows in device manager and I have downloaded the software from the web site but still no luck any Ideas????? Thanks!

WernerF6 (author)viper4122017-11-20

I have the same problem....after i switch a few times my usb ports....device not present any more .... i try to reinstall the driver.... nothing happen...anyone have a idear? Software Neje V3.6 thx

_Phil_ (author)2017-01-14

I have the NEJE DK-8-KZ 1000mW Laser Engraver. After working good for one day it's getting connection problems every time I try to use it. First connection is no problem but with every operation I'm getting "Error data transmit".

rknissel (author)_Phil_2017-11-17

I have the same situation on a brand new unit, were you able to correct this issue?

Thanx in advance...

_Phil_ (author)rknissel2017-11-18

When I remember right it was an issue about to less energy on the USB port of my laptop. Solved it by using an two to one USB cable.

Kjell1234 (author)2017-04-03

Hi there, I have the neje dk-8-z laser and I don't like the image editing program that came with it. Could I use the super carver editor? If so, where could I find a download? Thanks a million!

RicardoR181 (author)2017-03-15

Hello I bought a neje dk-8-kz 1000mw laser engraver, and in the hour that I import in the images, everything is a white. does not the image appear. what the problem is? does anybody know? Thank you.

efoster6 (author)2017-03-05

is the software that you using freeware or do you have to pay

Lumyn (author)2016-06-07

drivers and software installed correctly. computer is communicating with the device no problem. however; it won't actually engrave.... it goes through the motions but will not actually burn.

any ideas?

Eng. AmmarH (author)Lumyn 2017-01-07

what about changing the laser head?

Veda88 (author)Lumyn 2016-12-05

Did you focus the laser? It's very important to do that every time you put an object under it that is of different height. If it's not focused properly, it won't burn but just scan and you will see nothing. Also, if the intensity is too low it also won't burn.

smilestill (author)Lumyn 2016-08-10

I am having a similar issue. It seems like the last two engravings I did became progressively lighter. I have attempted to modulate the amount of time the laser burns before moving on, but it doesn't have an effect. I was wondering if anyone had a solution?

BrentonT (author)smilestill2016-12-01

Did you ever find a solution?

Lumyn (author)Lumyn 2016-09-13

I ended up getting a full refund. Thing is just sitting around collecting dust now.

GerryP61 (author)Lumyn 2016-09-12

Did you find the solution to your problem?

DeanL29 (author)Lumyn 2016-08-16

I'm having that issue with mine. Did you find/get a solution?

TrentR11 (author)Lumyn 2016-06-08

Same thing for me :(

Nikus (author)Lumyn 2016-06-07

too little engraving time

Lumyn (author)Nikus2016-06-07

Im also testing it on regular white paper. at the max setting... still won't burn.

Lumyn (author)Nikus2016-06-07

I've tried it on the min and on the max time. Still will not engrave :(

Eng. AmmarH (author)2017-01-07

Hi every body,

hope you are doing great with your machine

I bought a new Bluetooth model , but there are two problems:

1. there isn't any laser beam in the preview mode before cutting, which I can't locate the exact needed engraving area, also can't set the focus before start.

2. there are a burning in the area that should be white or without any burn, which make the engrave not clear and not looking good. any solutions?

Oran Ilani (author)2016-12-06

Can it make tear away paper

PeterL149 (author)2016-05-11

Neither Google Chrome nor Microsoft Edge will allow me to download from the site provided. It says "Dagerous Site. Will install malware and other bad things. Last checked 05-11-2016."

How did you guys get the download and are you having any problems after downloading?

Veda88 (author)PeterL1492016-12-05

I wasn't able to do it with chrome or edge. But Firefox lets you keep the file even though it says that it's infected. It will ask you if you want to keep it anyway.

VeeGee69 (author)2016-11-05

I ordered the NEJE DK-8-KZ Laser Engraver but did not receive the SD card with the software and drivers. I am unable to download from their site due to malware and virus warnings. How can I get the software safely or is there a different software that works that is not intended to infect your PC?

Veda88 (author)VeeGee692016-12-05

I have this one too. I had to disable the anti virus and download it with Firefix (which was the only browser that lets me keep the file after it noticed about the virus). The software on the sd card has the same problem as the software from the internet. If you get the latest version from it has some new features when printing photo's which is really nice.

I don't think there is acutally a virus inside. Though they should change that auto connect feature (or just remove it) since this virus shit is annoying as fuck.

MikeA141 (author)2016-06-20

My engraver got halfway through an image, then the laser power dropped significantly. I'm using the supplied software and hardware, including their power adapter. The table and laser head move properly, the low-power beam is on to show the image area boundaries, and when it should be burning, the laser is simply too weak. Though it is significantly brighter than the low-power beam, it isn't the eye-searing intensity that it was before it failed. The problem isn't the wall-wart power supply that came with the engraver, either: I see the same behavior with an Apple iPad power supply capable of supplying 2.4 A at 5 V DC.

A USB power supply monitor shows 5.2 V from the supply, with a draw of 0.48 A max while the engraver should be burning. This means the laser is drawing just over 250 milliwatts max (discounting power to the other electronics and to the motors).

Either the laser is damaged or the power control circuitry on the engraver has failed; I suspect the latter.

My wife discarded the packaging, including the order number. Can anyone supply an order number for one of these, so that I can file a ticket with GearBest?

BrentonT (author)MikeA1412016-12-01

Did you ever find a solution?

DeanL29 (author)MikeA1412016-08-16

I have the same issue with the laser losing power. Did you ever get/find a solution?

signvecpteltd (author)2016-09-26

Thanks for sharing the post. It's a useful information about Laser Engravers and all Engraving products.

dmestayer made it! (author)2016-09-21

The software V3.5.1 from the manufactures web site scanned clean of malware using several scanning engines like Avast and Malwarebytes. However, Chrome flagged their site as known for malware found in earlier software releases. Also, the software on the SD card is also infected. So far I have been using this very successfully on wood and leather. The manufacturers site for reference:

dmestayer (author)dmestayer2016-09-21

I should have mentioned, I have the NEJE DK-8-KZ Laser Engraver. This model is the 1000mw version.

GerryP61 (author)2016-09-16

So far, so good though I had to sturggle to figure out how to focus the light for each material. They sent me a plastic cover (hard) for an IPhone. There is no way it can engrave on that. By the way, major lack of instructions with the machine and on the Net. Thank you for at least having THIS forum...

moris_zen (author)2016-08-28

I tried to install from the supplied SD card and Avast indicated Malware Virus as well . need to look for a clean version . China has been found several times to be trying to infect the world with their spyware .. beware. (I know this from a very large telecom company they tried to install in india)

RussellS8 (author)2015-11-19

This is a nice tool, but since this is Instructables, I was expecting directions on how to build one.

Nikus (author)RussellS82015-11-19

It comes already assembled, so showing how to assemble it is not necessary. I know maybe it's not full instructables but I showed how to use it and what can you do with it. Thanks for your comment

DentonJordan (author)Nikus2015-12-06

Can you import your own .jpg or .bmp files?

MakerBox (author)DentonJordan2016-05-22

yes, you can.

Yes you can load in any picture. Odds are it wont turn out as well as you'd like though.

realsuzzane (author)2016-03-21


dwhite0 (author)2016-01-09

Says it works with mac, but it doesn't! software is .exe, which is not Mac!

arichard8 (author)dwhite02016-02-01

i'am Ubuntu and i've same problem...

AndersJ3 (author)arichard82016-02-01

It is supposed to have Grblr firmware, so it takes regular G code.

So Incscape and additions to generat G code could work too (read further down)
Instructions in kickstarter FAQ:

If G code installed, you can run without computer connected. The computer USB must have power, as it drives the Aurdino in the machine.
First press on yellow button, test prints, second start and third stop. Use protection glasses all the time.

I have Debian myself and will test this later.

An unboxing video:

jphphotography (author)2016-01-08

I'm just curious how your laser engraver has held up over the last few months? Are you still using it often? I've been eyeing these for awhile with the same intent as you, get one to understand a bit more about how they work, then build my own later. I just don't want to waste the money on something that will only work for a few weeks/months then crap out.

JohnD164 (author)2015-11-19

i just got this kit like 3 days ago... its a nice kit well packaged...

what i dont get is how do you cut foam? i mean i have the program and inscape how do you get the laser to stay on constantly to say cut out a circle.. or a plane part? in foam of coarse...

when i use it it cycles the laser on and off to make pictures this seems ok but to cut a solid line in one pass

you have to use the NC Sender tab and design in Inkscape your paths and export to the laser. That will keep the laser on to cut. The reason it flashes when you just load a picture or load text is that it is burning the file, one pixel at a time. Once it burns a pixel it moves over one and if it needs to be burnt the laser will flash on again and then move over another pixel and repeats until the whole print is done. That's why a 75% print space dark print can take 2+ hours! learn Inkscape and try that out. I will add that section to my instructable when I learn it better.

kermykie (author)2015-11-19

the "yunpan" software link is in chineese, i bought one of these last month and have had no help from gearbest in obtaining a link to an english software site. can anyone here help. mike.

Yes the link is in Chinese but just enter the password and hit enter, the next page will have a download link. The download link will also be in Chinese but if you have ever downloaded anything online you know what the link looks like, click it and unzip the folder once its downloaded. Then run the set up and you will have the software downloaded and installed, in English.

fpsdog (author)kermykie2015-11-19 its a link in the item description

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