I like the look of old-time equipment nameplates, the most famous of which probably belongs to the Victrola.  This photo shows a real one; this Instructable will show you how to make your own.  Great for decorating your creations, especially if they're in a steampunk vein.

Best of all, I made it at TechShop.

Step 1: Equipment and Materials

1.  A laser engraver.. The equipment at TechShop San Jose is a epilog 60 W laser engraver, but others will work too with power/speed adjustments.

2.  Metal sheet (which can be found at most hardware stores, or at several on-line sources, or pre-cut metal plates which can be obtained from a trophy shop).  Brass, copper, or aluminum would all work.

3.  Paint.  I used black spray enamel for my plates, either glossy or flat, depending upon the look you want.  Dark brown would work too.

4.  Graphics software.  Either to manipulate an existing image or to create your own.

Nice. You can also get good results by powder coating the metal instead of painting. Again, available at TechShop.

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