So, my wife insists on having a clock in every room, and always complains that there aren't enough pictures of her and our son around. So I thought, what better gift for her then a clock with a photo of her and our son on it?

In addition I positioned the hour numbers closer to the hour hand and added minute's further out so later she could use it to teach our son how to read a clock.

In hindsight I would expect this to be easier using anodized aluminum instead of brass. Brass tarnishes, scratches, and even fingerprints leave a dark stain. So there was a lot of extra steps to accommodate this material that anodized aluminum would've skipped and it would've burned easier on the laser and maybe even looked better/cleaner. Some steps would need to be moved around, but I'm just going to focus on how I did it and/or would do it again with the same materials.

Yes, this is an extremely belated mothers day gift (if you look at the posted date). As with most things that are new, I had no idea how much time and work it would take when I started.

Step 1: Tools and hardware I used

Below are the items I used:

1. Epilog Laser Fibermark 50 Watt
My work just got one, so what better way to train on it?

2. Software:
Corel Draw

3. Clock Parts.
I got mine from clockparts.com, had a hard time finding their instructions for what order to mount which washer, nut, ect. so I e-mailed them and got the attached picture:
3.1 Motor:
3.2 Hands:
Since my material was brass I went with the black ones so there is some contrast.
3.3 Back (optional to cover battery compartment):

4. Material you will make clock out of.
I used item 88825K34 from McMasterCarr
               12"x12" Corrosion-Resistant Bronze (Alloy 220): This simple copper-zinc alloy, historically called commercial bronze, is often used for marine hardware, weatherstripping, and ornamental trim because of its finish and good corrosion resistance.

Because I got brass I also needed:
4.1 Brass polish (http://weiman.com/Products/Silver-All-Metals/Brass-Cleaner.aspx)
4.2 Micro-fiber cloths (I got a large pack of these at Home Depot)
4.3 Glossy Clear Coat Rustolium (I got mine at Home Depot)

5. Mill with prototrak

6. Painters blue tape

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