Picture of Laser-etched wooden servers plates(?)
This is my first instructable - so any feedback and tips to make future instructables better would be very appreciated!

This is also my first project at the TechShop.  I had limited time to spend their prior to the holidays, but wanted to make something, however small just to get started.

Here's the genesis of the project: we decided to make christmas gifts for our parents rather than buy them something this year and since i had just taken the class on laser cutting and etching at the TechShop i was eager to put that to use to make something.  At the same time i randomly came across these little wooden plates at Daiso for $1.50 each and figured that i could etch something meaningful on them to create a custom gift. 

The first task was to find something meaningful to etch.  After trolling the web for ideas and inspiration and anchored on having a quote and image on each plate. I happened to have a book with a compilation of quotes from my in-laws, so picking some quotes from that was easy and meaningful.  I also know that they low plants, and started searching for images of plants/trees and came across these incredible fractal tree illustrations on www.rgbstock.com. These were free to use for non-commercial use and detailed fractal nature of the illustration is excellent to demonstrate the preciseness of laser-etching!
This is great! I love that you showed all the tests! It is such a pain sometimes trying to get just the right settings :)
Duleesha (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! I need to get back in the shop and play around with more stuff
轩蔡2 years ago
How can i get a Laser Cutter?
Duleesha (author)  轩蔡2 years ago
Not sure, but that's why i love the TechShop - i get access to one for the price of monthly membership! where are you located - TechShop is only in a few locations yet, but they are expanding rapidly!
Lorddrake2 years ago
I like that you used a different plant design to accompany each quote. Are these meant to be decorative wall hangings?
Duleesha (author)  Lorddrake2 years ago
i wasn't quite sure what to do with them - hence the question mark around the 'server plates'. they were about 4x6 inches, so i figured they could be coaster of sorts... since i bought six blank plates/coasters, i figured should customize each one. so i picked six quotes from a book that my in-laws had compiled at some point and found six plant designs (could have been anything, but they love plants) to match. i may do this project again with better wood and different designs - maybe different scenes from San Francisco?
sleekula2 years ago
I'm so impressed by (a) the gorgeous fractal designs and (b) how well it did come out despite the wood grain issues. Nicely done!