Laser etching ginger snaps for Cookiepocalypse - I made it at TechShop

Picture of Laser etching ginger snaps for Cookiepocalypse - I made it at TechShop
Last year I was invited to a Cookiepocalypse "End of the World" cookie party, the icon my friends had used on the invitation was the Mayan calendar with a bite taken out of it.

I immediately thought that it would be awesome to etch the calendar onto some ginger snaps for the party.
But I realized that, shrunk to the size of a cookie, all of the details of the calendar would be lost.

So instead I looked online for some vector versions of the Mayan Calendar or Aztec art to etch onto the cookies instead.

Step 1:

Picture of
Since I figured that the whole calendar wouldn't fit on the cookie and be legible, I did a search for something that might work better, but still be recognizable as Mayan related art. The above image is what I settled on, since it was round and not too detailed.
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On the video here is some humming in the back.
If it takes 7 minutes for etching a single cookie, it's gonna take a lot of humming too !...
As humming a song is a sign of happiness ...
Nice project !...
This is true, I had a cup of hot tea, and many deformed cookies to dunk and nom on, I couldn't have been much happier.
In actuality I was etching a row of cookies, I had removed the cookies from the right and left of the one in the video because they were camera shy.
A camera shy cookie … I would never have guessed that one !!!… ;)
lime3D1 year ago
When I first got my TechShop membership, I tried cutting 'gingerbread men' out of graham crackers. The idea was to also etch a photograph of a real person face as well.
The graham crackers etched and cut extremely well, but they tasted horrible. I suspect that the etching was not too bad, but the amount of burning that occurs during the vector cutting makes them inedible!